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Dog Walking & Dog Sitting Insurance Quotes

Dog walking can be both enjoyable and a financially rewarding job.  It can be a part-time gig to supplement your income or if you are successful  full time job. A Survey by reported in the UK metro  are showing that  can pocket an extra £9,200 alongside a day job.

When it comes to dealing with other peoples pets, the owner is trusting you to be responsible and to care and protect their pet to the best of your ability. In addition, the owner  will expect your walking business to have the correct level of dog walker insurance to cover any unforeseen costs resulting from an incident involving their dog.  As such you should consider the benefits of taking out insurance for dog walkers.  

dog walker insurance UK

Dog Walker Insurance works in partnership with QuoteSearcher, who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. These brokers will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with personalised quotes for your pet business.

The panel  can provide quotes for your pet business including dog walking, dog sitting or a dog breeding business. 

What cover is available with dog waking and sitting insurance?

  • Public liability insurance for dog walkers : This provides cover against claims by the public, example should a hound bite someone. All dog walkers should consider public liability insurance for dog walkers to protect their dog walking business.
  • Care, Custody and Control : This insurance provides cover for vet fees for dogs that are in your custody. The vet fees cover will have an upper limit. Please check each individual policy when comparing. Death, theft and loss are also included.
  • Custodial Responsibility : This is another option to consider. This will protect against and expenses arising out of negligence claim against you.
  • Key Cover : Cover for loss of keys.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance : cover for giving bad or wrong advice or poor service.
  • Employer's Liability Insurance. If you have employees you are legally obliged to take care of them and this insurance is thus legally required.

What qualifications do I need to be a  walk and care for dogs

You do not need an actual certificate to prove that you are able to walk dogs. If you love dogs and have time you can start on your path as a part-time dog walker. However, a certificate will play to your advantage, showing that you have taken the time to qualify yourself as a professional dog walker. Remember, pets are treated as family members and the owner must have complete trust and confidence in you. Having a professional qualification will provide just that. We have listed some of the more obvious advantages below.

  • Win new customers with Instilling confidence with your qualifications
  • Be recognised as professional always willing to learn and improve
  • More able to charge a premium rate for your services

Can I get dog walking insurance if I am only 16?

Some companies in this insurance sector set the minimum age at 18, for example Petplan Sanctuary. However, the good news is most companies will provide dog walking insurance if you are 16 or over. Cliverton, Pet Business and Protective are all well known names that can provide cover for walkers 16 and over within the UK

Do I need a licence to walk dogs in a park?

The short answer is that it depends on the rules of your local authority and the park owner. Most councils will require that walkers that are being paid to exercise dogs will need to obtain a dog walking licence. The application process will normally take about 2 weeks. The cost of insurance will depend on how many dogs that you will be walking. To give you an idea of likely costs the following are the prices for Lamberth council as of 2021.

  • Up to two dogs £53.00
  • Up to four dogs £106.00
  • Up to six dogs £318.00

In summary a licence is required if you take payment for providing an exercising service and makes use of a local park or open space.

The licence will detail your obligations for example, each dog must have a collar with a name tag with the name and address of the owner. Violation of these rules will result in a fine and possible loss of licence.

Most councils will recognise that an operator of a dog walking business will require multiple licences and will provide a discount on multiple applications.

Do I need a dog walking licence to walk dogs in a UK royal park?

It has been a legal requirement since April 2013 that you must have a valid licence to walk dogs in any of the 8 royal parks in the UK.


Do you need dog walking Insurance?

Dog walking insurance is not a legal requirement, but it makes sense if you value your business. Public liability for dog-walkers, should be  considered. This will protect you from third party claims should a dog in your custody, decides to nip or bite a member of the public. Other insurance elements are available, for example, cover for vet fees. These can be selected during the online quote process.

How much is dog walking insurance?

On average insurance will cost in the region of GBP125 upwards, depending on the type and level of cover that you choose to include. There are a few key factors that can influence the premium price quoted. Postal code is one of these, as some areas of the UK are more prone to crime than others, take city centres for an example. The other key factors are listed below.

  • The amount of annual turnover that your business has.
  • The actual amount of cover that you choose.
  • The number of employees that you have.
  • How long you have been in the business.
  • Your postcode

If you provide additional pet services other than simple dog walking expect to pay an additional amount. Some examples of additional services are listed below.

Tailor your dog walker insurance policy to your needs?

The panel can tailor policies  to your unique business requirements. If you only work part-time, a dog walking insurance policy can be provided for part-time work only. 

Do not invalidate your Policy - Fully disclose any past claims

If by chance you have previously made a claim on any dog walker insurance policy, or any legal action has been undertaken against you or your pet walking business in the past, this may affect your quote. Failure to fully disclose any pertinent details to your broker may invalidate any claim that you subsequently may make.

How you can avoid making claims against your UK dog walking insurance policy 

Most claims involve pedestrians that are walking or running  and taking the animal by surprise. The fast reactions of the dog can result in the nipping or biting the poor pedestrian.  Here are some tips to reduce your risk

  • Take time to find out about the dog and its temperament before agreeing to provide a walking or sitting service.
  • If  the hound has bitten a person before make sure that you use a muzzle. 
  • Keep your distance from others and do not let strangers approach the pet, if it is in any way aggressive.
  • Keep the pet on a tight lease whilst in areas with a high number of pedestrians.
  • Understand the different breeds, some have a greater tendency than others to be protective of the owner or their walker and thus can be aggressive. 
  • Stay alert and try to predict any potential hazards that may result in the doggy taking an offensive action.

Bites are not the only reason for making insurance claims, animals are unpredictable and even the most experienced handler can find themselves in a situation that they could never have anticipated, as such it is vital that you have a good policy in place. 

Dog walker van insurance

If you are investing in a van as part of your pet business, you will need insurance that covers you for business use. Please also note if you have or will be making any modifications to the van you must notify your insurance broker. Not informing will likely invalidate your policy.

If you already have a van that is insured, but will now be used for your business, again check with your broker that you are covered for the proposed use.

Compare dog walking insurance

To find a policy that meets with your requirements, you need to get multiple quotes from a range of different providers. Comparative sites can help at this stage, but also go directly to the brokers website to see the latest deals that they have on offer for dog walkers Insurance.

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