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Dog Walker Insurance

Dog Walker Insurance UK - Compare Multiple Insurance Quotes 

What type of cover can be provided?

When it comes to dealing with other peoples dogs, the owner is trusting you to be  responsible and to care and protect their pet to the best of your ability. In addition the will expect your dog walking business to have the correct level of cover to pay out should that need arise.

  • Public Liability This is very important should a canine you are walking bite a member of the public or cause damage to property.
  • Cover for dogs that have been left in your care This type of cover will protect you should you accidentally harm or lose a dog.
  • Key Cover Just in case you happen to lose the keys of one of your clients.
  • Employers Liability By law you must have this type of cover if you have employees, even if they are unpaid volunteers. This will protect you in the event that a claim is brought against you by one of your employees.

How much does dog walker Insurance cost?

Each dog walking business has its own individual and unique circumstances. There are a few main factors that can influence the cost of policy premium. Post code is relevant as some areas are more prone to crime than others especially city centers.

  • The amount of annual turnover that your business has.
  • The actual amount of insurance cover that you choose.
  • The number of employees that you have.
  • How long you have been doing your trade.
  • Your post code

If by chance you previously have made a claim on any insurance policy, or any legal action has been undertaken against you or your walking business in the past, this may affect your quote.

As a dog walker how you can avoid making insurance claims

Most claims involve pedestrians walking or running in which the dog and dog walker are taken by surprise and the dog reacts by nipping or biting the poor pedestrian.  Here are some tips and advise to minimise your risk

  • At the outset take time to find out about the dog and its temperament before agreeing to provide a dog walking or dog sitting service
  • If  the dog has bitten a person before make sure that you use a muzzle 
  • Keep your distance from others and do not let strangers approach to pet the dog, if it is in any way aggressive.
  • Keep the dog on a tight lease whist in areas with high number of pedestrians
  • Understand the different breeds, some have a greater tendency than others to be protective of the owner or their walker  and thus can be aggressive. 
  • Stay alert and try to predict any potential hazards that may result in the dog taking an offensive  action.

Bites are not the only reason for insurance claims, animals are unpredictable and even the most experienced dog handler can find them selves in a situation that they could never have anticipated , as such it is vital that you a good insurance policy in place. 

What type of Insurance do I need for dog walking?

A typical dog walker insurance policy will contain the following. If you wish you can cover many other risk inherent in running a dog walking business, for example veterinarian expenses reimbursement ( regardless of fault)

  • Public Liability Insurance, cover against claims from the public example should a dog bite someone and should be included in good dog walking policy.
  • Care Custody & Control : will provide cover for vet fees to a fixed limit, loss, theft or death of the dog.
  • Custodial responsibility :  will cover for any claims the pet owner may make against you or employees
  • Key Cover for loss of keys and replacement lock should that be required.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance : cover for giving bad or wrong advise or poor service. 
  • Employer's Liability Insurance. If you have employees your are legally obliged to take care of them and this insurance is thus legally required.  

This type of policy will provide public liability cover with both ‘care, custody & control’ and ‘non-negligent’ amendments. This type of policy will insure you against things that could go wrong as you perform your trade of walking people’s dogs.

Every businesses has inherent risks,  when dealing with animals the risks are more apparent with personal injury top of the list. Dogs being dogs can and do get out and can result in bodily injury. The second is  the dog human relations can be very strong and should any injury to their pet happen whilst in your care the owner has every right to hold you and your business responsible.

A few examples of this would be while under your care, a hound causes an injury or accident, or damage to another’s property. Perhaps one of the dogs gets free and runs away or is injured whilst in your care. 

When it comes to dealing with other peoples dogs, the owner is trusting you to be  responsible and to care and protect their pet to the best of your ability. In addition the will expect your dog walking business to have the correct level of cover to pay out should that need arise.

Did you Know the Top 5 Most Popular Big Dog Breeds in the UK?

Labrador Retriever


German Shepard


Golden Retriever




Border Collie


Should I start a dog walking business?

The average salary of a professional canine walker is presently 20% more that the average UK working class salary. There’s no doubt that it’s a viable and potentially profitable business. Important for one to remember here is that it’s just that a business. As such, you will have to acquire all of the entrepreneurial skills that are needed to run a successful business. In addition to these skills you will also need adequate insurance to protect you and your customer's pets whilst helping to ensure that your business will survive the highs and lows that most start up's will experience. 

In the UK the pet sitting business is also a growing sector and if you intend providing pet minding service take a look at the pet sitting insurance options that are currently available.

Unlike the various types of business insurance that are geared to retail shops or office based services this type of cover is specifically designed to cover you when working with animals.

Love dogs and wish to be your own boss?  If the answer is yes why not consider setting up either a canine walking business or a pet sitting service. With so many pet lovers in the UK this type of business can easily succeed. Set up costs are minimal no need for a web site initially a phone will suffice and google calendar to record bookings and your schedule.  

If you make your living as a professional pet walker it is important to have  Insurance. This type of policy will not only cover the liabilities that are associated with this trade, but it can make your business appear more professional, and will give you real peace of mind.

There is much emotional and financial responsibility when working with folk’s beloved pets in this trusted position. Having correct level of cover will help you to sleep better at night knowing that in the event of a mishap, you’re covered.

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