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5 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds in the UK and Why

5 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds in the UK and Why

A debate will constantly remain with regards to what breeds are considered the best. Different households and people have their own sets of experiences thus moulding their own conclusions. The focus of this article is identifying the five most popular large dog breeds in the UK. On reviewing multiple articles and forums displaying analyses of breeding patterns and registration trends over the years, the dogs that consistently appeared were:

The 5 Most Popular UK Dogs ( Large Breed ) 

Labrador Retriever


German Shepherd


Golden Retriever




Border Collie


The Kennel Club has seen the steady registration statistics for Labrador Retrievers on the incline, the UK region has crowned this breed repeatedly, as the favourite. Labradors were originally used for aiding fishermen; they love the water and had the desire to please their handlers. Generally, they are considered to be rather adaptable to the home environment as they can be friendly to non-family members. Many consider them easy to train and display remarkable patience, as a result become helpful as guide and service dogs. All these large dogs need plenty of exercise and if you are pressed for time you could consider using a  dog walker, do make sure that the dog walker you choose not only loves dogs, but has adequate level of dog walker insurance in place.  

Second in line comes the German Shepherd; being very popular for the military and police force, households have also been seeing the benefits of having them at home. These animas possess a strong sense of loyalty and will protect with all sense of fearlessness. Their aggression is easily tapped into if their loved ones show signs of being in danger. They easily display their affection and are admired for their intelligence and intuitiveness.

Thirdly, we see the Golden Retriever; this breed is said to have been used in earlier years for their skills in tracking and hunting. Retrievers are highly trainable and come recommended for service duties such as being guide dogs. Being very trustworthy and calm, households prize this animal for sharing in family time.

In fourth place comes the Boxer; they are described as fun-loving animals with the capacity for quick learning and trainability. They are always up for some form of activity with the family and will demonstrate characteristics of a watchdog even when doing so. The Boxer welcomes vigorous playing and attention to facilitate utilizing its excess energy.

And last but not to say the least comes the Border Collie. This particular Collie is the smallest when compared to the aforementioned breeds, but possesses a rather energetic and curious nature. They are ones that like entertaining and boasts alertness and loyalty. Border Collies definitely enjoy a very active family similar to that of the Boxer.

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Why Dogs Need Regular Exercise

Why Dogs Need Regular Exercise

Dogs as man’s best friend and a working companion were very active and indeed ‘worked for their supper.’ Dogs were bred to provide some level of assistance in completing tasks; this over the centuries we have seen unfolding with what was termed as the working-class breeds. These dogs maintained an avid routine of tasks designated by their masters. Fast forward to the 21st century, we now see so many breeds becoming domesticated and left to confined spaces and most times a lack luster exercise regimen. Exercise is just as important to dogs as it for humans. Therefore, the effort must be made to provide the time and consideration in taking the best care of our animals.

Dogs owners and enthusiasts must assess those specific exercise requirements for the specific breeds. The important factors to note are the dog’s age, size, general health as well as the daily routine the animal is exposed to. Bigger breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors and Retrievers will require more running and general exercise time than a Cocker Spaniel or Corgi. Active breeds need at minimum 30 - 60 minutes per day of designated aerobic time. Aged dogs also need to be considered, just at a slower pace and more patience from the handler.

Differentiating needs based on the breed should be a strong determinant of how dogs are chosen for households. If the time is not going to be made available for adequate exercise, it is advised to potentially make another pet choice.

Overall with adequate exercise, your dog grows and maintains mental sharpness, carries a healthy weight, and builds the muscle structure and tone they need. In achieving all of these a bigger objective is met, you are left with a much happier dog. The absence of not just exercise, but consistent exercise sees dogs exhibiting unwanted behaviour. Have you ever wondered why dogs may dig holes, become excessively noisy and excited, rip up carpet and chew and scratch on anything in sight? Indeed, without activity dogs have nothing or anywhere to expend that energy they naturally build up.

Dogs will suffer from organ failures such as heart, lung and digestion complications over time, without some form of aerobics. Additionally, their agility becomes limited which then leads to ligament and other muscular concerns. They will live much shorter and unhappy lives especially as they get older without adhering to such a routine.

If you have a busy schedule and do not always have time to exercise your dog why not avail of a local dog walker. If you do decide to make use of a dog walker make sure they have the proper dog walking insurance  in place.There are many options available for both you and your dog to remain in tip top shape. They include and are not limited to the following:

  • Evening or morning runs (consider removing the leash, dogs enjoy their freedom, as much as can be possible)
  • Obedience training (this option can be very entertaining and caters to skills building for a number of breeds)
  • A game of fetch (including water can be an added feature)