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The importance of dog grooming

The importance of dog grooming

Grooming dogs is a pertinent step in maintaining appearances and more importantly, a healthy practice to develop. The process of grooming requires a commitment of time and learning know how, to facilitate owners in observing and identifying any changes or alterations in their coat, skin, paws and the rest of the body. Repetitive grooming aids in allowing owners to easily spot anything unusual as soon as they arise and handle accordingly. If you choose to use the services of a dog groomer please ensure they have adequate dog grooming insurance

In order to make the process seamless each time, a dog needs to be trained to get accustomed to the steps in grooming. Preferably This will not startle the dog or make the animal in anyway uncomfortable. Grooming may include a number of activities, especially based on the breed (s) in questions. Long haired animals will of course require more time and possibly different grooming tools to complete the process, therefore keep in mind grooming practices and schedules should revolve around the type of dog in the household.

As previously mentioned, some activities that are typically included in the grooming listing are as follows:

  • Brushing of the hair (to maintain sheen and an unmatted coat),
  • Cleaning the ears (to ensure it being odor free and generally clean)
  • Clipping of claws and general inspection of paws (both underside and between claws are to be clean and free from pests as well as cracks in the paw),
  • Nose (to be moist and free from cracks)
  • Cleaning the ears (to ensure it being odor free and generally clean)
  • Eyes and teeth (to ensure eyes are clear and dog is alert, teeth are free from obstructions and maintaining a healthy color),
  • Under belly and tail examinations (to be free from broken skin, scarring and tears)

Being knowledgeable of the physical conditioning of your dog gives an insight to the possible state of how healthy they are internally. A good example is being able to tend to fleas and ticks as soon as the dog is sighted scratching or when brushing these insects are actually seen.

Another tip for grooming are bath schedules. Dogs do not require bathing as often as people do, as their skin provides natural oils to maintain their coat and aid in masking odours. If the animal has outdoor exposure frequently or generally lives outdoors then the general rule of thumb is to bathe them once per month. Make sure to choose a dog specific shampoo, more so formulated for the hair length and type. Additionally, if the dog requires a haircut, it is advised that such a task not be handled by an amateur. Hair cutting skills especially for longer haired animals demand patience and the requisite training.

It is always a good idea that when in doubt, do the necessary research or seek professional assistance with grooming. For new owners, demonstrations may be easier to grasp than by reading a book or online article. Being vigilant with grooming will indeed save some trips and the expense of visiting the veterinarian’s office. In order to have a happy dog, make sure to take care of their health both inside and out.

Top 5 Small Dog Breeds in the UK

Top 5 Small Dog Breeds in the UK

Cocker Spaniel


French Bulldog


Pug breed




Border Collie


The ‘Toy’ group, referring to the smaller breed of dogs has become rather popular across the world. This classification generally includes dogs weighing in at 15 to 20lbs maximum. In the UK the top five popular small breeds are the Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Pug, Border Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer. These breeds were identified via breeding and purchasing patterns published in the UK by The Kennel Club and other such forums articles and discussions. All dogs, big and small need exercise and a dog walker can help ensure your pooch gets a regular exercise, do make sure the dog walker has dog walking insurance.  

These small breeds have become a rather convenient choice for those that have small spaces and would love to have a dog for a pet. Let us have a look at the general personality and other characteristics that make these special dogs. If you take your dog out on a regular basis, you might consider investing in a car dog ramp to make it easy to get your pet in and out of your car or van. Further, to keep your dog safe and in the one place you could go that extra mile and buy a dog car seat.   

First in line comes the Cocker Spaniel; they have received the accolade of being pure beauty. They are a sight to see when properly groomed and are doted on by the owners. They aim to please their owners and are all round cheerful as long as they are in the company of adults and or children. They enjoy being playful thus making a good addition to a household with children.

The second popular breed is the French Bulldog. They are considered to be a rather now sought-after breed. They are said to be a great choice for first time dog owners as they adapt to living spaces rather quickly, additionally, where training is concerned they excel and are fast in correcting mistakes. French Bulldogs have proven to be friendly and overall cooperative animals.

Thirdly, is the Pug breed. These animals are described as ultimate entertainers for their owners and boast a clown like face to add. They are energetic for their size and do well at showing off to those around them. It must be noted that they have to be monitored closely as improper nutrition may result in quick obesity for this breed.