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What’s the best anti-barking device for dogs in 2021?

When your dog is barking loudly in the middle of the night, and you see the neighbour's lights come on, you get a rush of stress, anxiety and maybe even panic as you try to quieten your noisy dog. 

When your dog barked non-stop during the day time it was a concern. Now nighttime has turned into a bark fest for your pooch and it's time to take some positive action to deal with the problem.

This article will cover the best anti bark devices for dogs and give you (and your neighbours) the chance of getting a full night of sleep soon.

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What Is An Anti Bark Device For Dogs?

An anti bark device for dogs was first invented to stop hunting dogs from barking and scaring away the prey. Later domestic dog owners began to use anti bark devices to train their dogs to be quiet.

When your dog barks the device delivers a sensation. Your dog learns not to bark because they don't like the sensation they get if they bark.

Is It Cruel To Use Anti Bark Devices For Dogs?

That was my first question too when I considered using an anti bark device for dogs. 

It's true, there are some inhumane and cruel products such as the ones that give electric shocks to the dog when it barks. But thankfully technology has evolved and now on the market, there are innovative pet-friendly products that use methods including vibrations, smells or sounds to signal to the dog not to bark.

How Do I Know If My Dog Needs An Anti Bark Device?

It is natural for dogs to bark as it's one of the many ways they communicate with us. But if your canine friend is causing a disturbance to yourself or the neighbours on a regular basis, it is a good idea to train it to bark less.

The idea is not to mute your dog's barking all together. Just to control the barking so that it's at an acceptable level.

But anti bark devices for dogs are not suitable for every dog. Some will react positively and others won't. For a dog that suffers from stress and anxiety this method of training might be too aggressive and bad for its health. 

Always consult with your local vet if you feel unsure about how to deal with any aspect of your pet's health.

Researching and Reviewing the Best Anti Bark Device Features

There are three fab ways to research the best anti bark devices for dogs.

  • Reviews from buyers
  • Talk to your veterinarian
  • Ask other pet owners in your neighbourhood or online

Personally, I love product reviews from pet owners who have purchased and used the product. Honest and reliable feedback is the best.

When To Use The Anti Dog Bark Device

Basically you will use it when your dog is barking and causing a disturbance that isn’t acceptable. For pet owners this could include:

  • When you go out - train your dog not to bark when you leave home
  • At night time
  • When it hears everyday noises like the mail man or traffic passing by
  • Any time it barks excessively and the neighbours are home

Every pet owner will have different requirements, so it is no wonder there are so many options on the market.

The Best Anti Dog Bark Devices On The Market Today

Let's start with my favourite anti-barking device because this product really is outstanding amongst the many available for sale.

This is  true no shock anti dog barking collar. Woof whisper claims a 100% success rate if used as directed. It is available in 2 size. The large size is suitable for dogs up to  68 kg. All dog sizes covered from  Poodle to  Saint Bernard 

The bark collar is soft touch and comes with reflective strap to help you  quickly find your dog in the dark

Comes with free e-book training manual and support group so that you are never alone with your noisy friend. This anti-barking device is approved and certified for the UK & EU market

Let's start with my favourite because this product really is outstanding amongst the many available for sale.

This clever collar uses sound and vibration to stop your dog's barking. It starts with a sound and if the barking continues the vibration will be activated. Can be used indoors and outside.
It also comes in two different sizes – the large size is suitable for dogs up to about 150 pounds (68 kg). If you own a pretty Poodle or a Great Dane or Saint Bernard this collar has you covered.

This collar uses sound and vibration and has seven levels of intensity. The first levels issue a sound warning and the following levels use vibration and sound and each level increases in intensity. If your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous correction the collar will continue moving through the levels.

This product is very sophisticated in the design and the reviews are stellar. 

If your dog keeps barking and reaches level seven and keeps barking for one minute more the collar will automatically stop. This is a wonderful feature that protects the dog and might potentially save you from danger. After all, there are times when your dog's continuous barking might be warranted.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong and the reviews report great success with this super smart dog collar.

While many humans love the aroma of citronella, for dogs they strongly dislike it. This collar sprays a small amount of the citrus scent into the air when a microphone in the collar picks up a bark. The sound of the spray being released, adds to the effect

Many pet owners have given positive reviews about the Petsafe brand and we are wagging our tails about it too. 

The only con about this collar is the cost of refilling the scent, but it is easy-to-source and a small price to pay if the product is giving you the peace and quiet you were looking for.

This product uses a different method from the ones we've mentioned already. It is a compressed can of air that gives off a loud hiss when you use it. This is marketed as a training aid so that you can train your dog to stop barking and follow your command whenever you wish. 

It is very affordable and great for owners who need a bark deterrent for the times they are home with their dog. Also, you can use it for training your dog to stop doing other things. If your dog is digging up the garden or jumping on someone it would be an ideal time to use the Pet Corrector.