Find the Best Dog Car Seat for Safety and Comfort

Just like a child’s safety seat is made to keep your baby safe while the vehicle is in motion so is the dog seat for your canine friend. This makes it possible for your pet to be in a safe place while still having some freedom of movement. This is a must have dog walking accessory for dog lovers that like to bring their dog on outdoor trips. If are a professional dog walker and use a car this will provide extra confidence in your service along with a valid dog walking insurance UK certificate.  

A dog car seat gives your dog a familiar private space on car trips and similar to a dog donut calming bed will help reduce stress and anxiety.  Quick Note to the Trade - If you are a professional dog groomer, we can help you compare the cost dog grooming insurance with a panel of UK brokers.

Dog car seat UK advantages

The  dog car seat can easily be removed and cleaned after an accident by your canine friend if they get motion sickness or just had to go. Using an actual dog car seat will restrict movement, letting your dog see where it is going, all helping to reduce motion sickness 

The dog car seat is also secured to the interior with sides to contain your dog when the vehicle shifts from side to side or when stopping or starting forward aggressively.  It would be dangerous for both the human occupants of a vehicle and the dog if they lose their balance during a manoeuvre by the vehicle and slam into the door or the back of a seat.

For those pet owners that have a dog that likes to munch and chew, they have access to their seat. This is highly preferable to them munching on the car seat. You can store your foldaway dog car seat UK in the boot along with your telescopic dog car ramp

Are there any advantages for your dog to being in a booster seat?

Dogs are territorial and by having a special place like a booster seat just for them, they will be more content being there. They know that it is their place so they can just lie down and rest or enjoy the ride.

For smaller breeds, the booster seat can be elevated off the vehicle passenger seat so they can have a view of the world as it passes by.  This will help make your canine friend more content when travelling with you.

How is a dog car seat constructed?

Depending on the size of your pet, the seat needs to allow them some movement and enough room for them to lie down and nap.  The seat looks more like a basket with 4 walls and a bottom. For larger dogs, the backside can be extended up the car seat to the headrest so no hair will be deposited on the vehicle’s seat.

The heavier the dog seat is the more stable it will be, but harder to get and out of the vehicle. If the seat will be in the vehicle for long periods of time or semi-permanent get a heavier better constructed one. Make sure the padding and cushions are removable. This makes cleaning them much easier than permanent cushions. Removable covers are also preferred.

In general a dog car seat will have some type of harness to help keep the dog in the seat. Not only does the seat have to be restrained to the vehicle seat, but the dog should also be slightly restrained so that they cannot just jump out of the seat when they feel like it.

Note; never have your dog restrained to the seat by the collar. This would be a choking hazard. A harness should be on your pet and that should be anchored to the seat. The following reviews are being presented to show you what is currently available to help keep your canine friend safe and cosy.

Dog Car Seat UK Buying guide

As you can see when it comes to buying a dog car seat you have a range of options and styles to choose from. In this section we highlight what you should consider when do your car seat or booster seat comparisons. 


It is mega important to make sure your dog is in a seat that is strapped in.  If you ever transported a dog without a safety harness you will understand that braking or turning will have you dog falling and slipping.  Look out for seats that have reinforced strong panels and secure strapping.  Always use a harness when strapping a dog in, never ever use a collar.


Two choices warm and cosy or practical. Practical will be made of an easy to clean material and is ideal if you regularly use your car to take your dog to a walking location. After the walk  you do not have to worry about your car getting dirty and when you get back home it is easy to clean and dry the seat for the next outing. If  you are just bringing the dog along with you on a shopping trip you may opt for something that keeps your dog warm and comfy,  a fleece type material for example. 


Most of the seats featured come in basically 2 sizes large and standard. (sizes in between do exist)   Pay attention to this in your final selection. Selecting a size larger than you think is necessary will give some extra comfort space on a long journey. The larger seats will take two seating spaces and the smaller size will take up one seating space. The one seating space can also be placed in the front passenger seat.

Choosing the right dog car seat

Choosing the right dog car seat or cover for your canine friend to join you on your excursions is simple. They are all made of a water restraint barrier so decide if you want it removable or stationary. Next match up the seat to the weight of your dog. For medium and larger dogs, the only real options are the seat covers. For smaller breeds, the style, colour and mounting need to be chosen to meet your dog’s needs. Putting their blanket in the dog car seat will reduce any stress and help the dog feel at home.

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