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Find the best pet dog clippers in 2021

Keep your dog well groomed is important and a monthly trip to the local dog groomer might be expensive, but the end result is a cute dog. The key to grooming a dog is finding the right clippers for your requirements. With the right grooming tools and patience even pet owners can turn a scruffy coat into a silky masterpiece.

The good news is that dog clippers are not too expensive and moist come as a package that makes them versatile so that you can groom all your pets by simply changing the grooming tool. The other benefit of becoming you dog stylist is that it will save you money. The first step is finding the best dog clippers for your dog or pets. Stay away from cheap options as they will not run smoothly and will cause pain or injury to the skin. Leaving you with a dog with a real psychological problem when it comes to grooming time. A good sign of quality is that it should operate quietly and if possible cordless. Dog beauty aside does your dog barking upset the neighbours, a range of pet friendly anti dog  bark devices have been reviewed, used in combination with training will train your dog to only bark if it is important.

In this article we only cover the best dog clippers available in the UK in 2021

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Best dog clippers revealed

Best low noise Dog Hair Clippers 

All dogs react to sound or noise. They do have a collection of funny looks and reactions to noises, noises  that we take for granted. My Beagles are really scared when they hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner and head for the nearest exit. To be honest I can not blame them it is a loud noise coming from an inanimate object that can move around the room.  If your dog is super sensitive to noise it is best to choose best dog clippers that are built to run quietly. Below we have selected our top pick in this quiet dog clipper category. However, most of the clippers reviewed are not too noisy. 

Tips on researching and finding the best  dog clippers

There are three easy ways to begin your research into finding the best dog hair clippers.

  • Speak with your regular dog groomer for personal advice 
  • Check online forums
  • Check put out reviews below.

Personally, I love product reviews from pet owners who have purchased and used the product. Honest and reliable feedback is the best.

Can I use my personal hair clippers to groom my dog?

Dog hair is much strong typical than human hair. Most of us  have  experienced are hair being yanked when your hairdresser's  clipper blade has got snarled in your hair. This will mostly certainly happen and repeatedly if you attempt to use a tool designed for human hair on your dog.  This can result in injury and bleeding so avoid even trying.

What clippers do professional dog groomers use?

A professional do groomer will be looking for dog clippers that are suitable for a range of dog coats from soft to wiry. Clippers that have a variable rotary speed setting enables adjustment to suit different coats. The professional can perform some delicate work if they can control the speed. For pet owners this feature is less important, but still worth putting on your checklist when looking for the best dog clippers.   

  • Single Speed : Usually less expensive and more suited to the amateur groomer.
  • Variable speed : With a variable speed setup you can give a precision finish that is associated with top professional groomers. 

Are corded dog clippers better than cordless?

Cordless dog clippers have the advantage of convenience, but professional dog groomers like hair stylists will always use clippers connected direct to a power supply. The corded clipper will also be cheaper than the cordless equivalent. On the flip side it will need recharged on a regular basis another reason it is not the choice of professional groomers. On the subject of batteries we now have lithium batteries that charge quickly, but like all batteries  they will degrade over time and need replaced.  How quickly your battery drains will depend on usage. If you have a large dog with thick hair you will quickly drain the battery. Overall the cordless wins for convenience letting you clip and groom without being close to a power supply.  

Corded clippers are the choice of professional dog groomer that need constant power to let them groom regardless of  how coarse or dense the dogs coat.

What are the best dog clippers for home use UK?

The Best Dog Grooming Kits On The Market Today

  • Low Noise & Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets
  • Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers
  • Low Noise & Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets (Stainless Steel)

Let's start with my favourite because this product really is outstanding amongst the many available for sale.

  • High performance motor - powerful enough to cut through fine, short and coarse coats
  • Low noise and vibration - ideal for noise sensitive dogs and comfortable for you to use
  • Precision ground blade - feeds hair smoothly for snag-free clipping

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong and the reviews report great success with this super smart dog collar.

  • Low Noise Corded
  • Rust Resistant, High Carbon Steel Blades
  • Blades are precision ground for a superior cutting performance

Andi dog clippers is a popular choice that has earned a good reputation for being able to deal with the most difficult dog coats.  The secret is an innovative motor that delivers maximum torque and power. From an ergonomic perspective they are lightweight, but are not cordless. If cordless is not a factor in your decision process the Andi dog clippers may be the best dog clippers for you.

This  range of dog clippers comes with a choice of vibrant colours and has 2 speed settings 3,000 and 3800 strokes per minute

  • 2-speed clipper that runs at 3, 000/3, 800 strokes per minute
  • Innovative brushless motor which delivers maximum torque and power
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning and changing

Still undecided as to what are the best dog hair clippers ?

As you can see you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the best dog clippers for your family pet or your dog grooming business. If you are still pondering your final choice, weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. That should help you choose  the best clippers  that will meet with you and your pet grooming needs. If you decide on using the services of a professional dog groomer check that they have proper dog grooming insurance in place.

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