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Keep your dog well groomed is important and a monthly trip to the local dog groomer might be expensive, but the end result is a cute dog. The key to grooming a dog is finding the best dog clippers UK for your requirements. With the right grooming tools and patience, even pet owners can turn a scruffy coat into a silky masterpiece.

The good news is that dog clippers are not too expensive and most come with a range of blades. This makes them versatile, letting you groom all your pets by simply changing the grooming tool. The other benefit of becoming you own dog stylist is that it will save you money. Before deciding that you will be your own dog groomer, consider that possible dangers and take advice on how to avoid accidents and trauma to your pet.

If you are a professional dog groomer and your business is growing, please check that your dog grooming insurance policy offers sufficient cover for your expanded business

Best Dog Clippers UK Reviews

1 OMORC Electric Dog Clippers, Cordless Dog Trimmer Low Noise

These OMORC electric cordless dog clippers represent a must-have product for all dog and pet owners. Don’t get stressed when trimming your dog’s fur because you will have all the accessories you need with this practical and affordable kit. Home dog care and grooming have never been easier.

What’s in Box?

This easy-to-detach and attach package has lots of accessories that complement the clippers. The kit includes a set of cordless electric pet clippers, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, a set of four combs (3,6,9, and 12mm), a cleaning brush, a user manual, and power adaptor.

Professional Cordless Dog Clippers

This compact and efficient dog grooming kit enjoys a lightweight and ergonomic handle design that’s ideal for novices or pros. Take advantage of the fine-tuning knob that gives you total control over the precision of your trimming. And the built-in lithium 600mAh battery can be fully charged in 50 minutes and can operate for up to 70 to 80 minutes.

Durable Dog Clippers

The clippers use a Titanium blade and ceramic moving blade that aids top performance, durability, and longevity. The trimmer is designed to operate with a low vibration that makes it a quiet solution for nervous dogs and cats. Once you’ve charged this model, you can use it cordlessly, which simplifies everything.

This is the type of dog clippers kit you buy when you need to trim and go with a minimum amount of hassle. Your pets will thank you for it afterward. 

2 OMORC Dog Clippers for Thick Coats Heavy Duty Dog Grooming

This heavy-duty OMORC dog clippers kit has lots of combs and other accessories that make it the perfect all-in-one dog grooming product. These super-powerful clippers have more power than cordless varieties for when you need to effectively trim a thick and shaggy mane. These kits can also be used with cats and other pets too.

What’s in Box?

Before we go any further, let’s see what’s in the box and what you get for your money. This kit comes equipped with a set of pet clippers, a cleaning brush, 8 comb attachments (3,6,10,13,16,19,22, and 25mm), a set of steel scissors, and a stainless steel comb.

Non-Cordless God Clippers

This dog clippers model is so powerful because it’s wired and not cordless. You don’t need to charge it, but you do need access to power mains. The powerful motor (6000r/min) can trim the thickest hair imaginable. You’ll never get any clogging with these clippers. The durable blade is constructed from high carbon steel which ensures reliability and longevity.

Usually, dogs and other pets get scared around powerful clippers, but not with this set. The working noise is lower than 60DB, which is relatively quiet for plug-in clippers. And the anti-slip and ergonomic handle design ensure a firm grip.

These OMORC heavy-duty dog clippers come with 8 comb attachments and loads of accessories. They are the perfect dog grooming kit for owners who want to do the best job every time. 

3 PetLab Dog Clippers Professional Dog Grooming Kit for Small Medium Large Breeds

This PetLab Dog Clippers model is an all-in-one clipper set that is perfect for novice and professional pet grooming. These rechargeable and cordless clippers come equipped with other combs and accessories to give your pet the snappiest haircut of all time.

What’s in Box?

The best dog clipper grooming kits come with loads of features, and this one is no different. This package comes equipped with a set of pet clippers and a rechargeable 4.44Wh/3.7V lithium battery. Other accessories include a nail file, thinning scissors, stainless steel scissors, a stainless steel comb, nail clippers, a charging cable, a user manual, and four comb attachments. 

Complete Dog Grooming Clippers Set

These professional dog grooming clippers have a mix of ceramic and titanium blades that are so sharp they can cut through even the toughest of dog hair. It’s the sharpness of the blades instead of power that makes this product so practical. However, when in operation, the sound and vibrations are relatively low and quiet.

The cordless design makes pet haircut days much easier than before. You can move around without the limitations of a cord. Other top features include blade adjustment function, a high-performance motor, and an LED display that lets you know the battery status at any given time.

This PetLab dog clippers set is one of the most reliable and durable products. It’s quiet, powerful, easy to use, and easy to charge. 

4 Wahl Dog Clippers, Supergroom Premium Dog Cat Grooming Kit

Cats and dogs might be different animals, but they all need their fur trimmed. This Wahl Dog Cat Clippers is a premium pet grooming kit with all the trimmers and accessories you need. This model is cordless, peaceful, and can trim coats of all kinds. The precision blades combine high performance with a value for money price tag that’s difficult to match.

What’s in Box?

You get a box full of goodies, combs, and accessories with this product. Inside the box, you’ll find a set of super groom clippers, a transformer, clipper oil, a cleaning brush, 6 different comb attachments (3,6,9,12,18, and 25mm), and an instruction manual.

Dog and Cat Grooming Clippers

These super high-performing dog and cat clippers have detachable ground blades that are durable and aid cutthroat precision. The blades can easily be snapped on and off so you can clean them properly. The blade has integrated cutting length adjustments from 0.7mm to 3mm, which means you can easily trim different lengths.

You get 100 minutes of continuous battery usage with this codeless feature that gives you much-needed freedom. And you can easily keep abreast of the charge strength with the built-in LED battery indicator. Considering the power of these clippers, it’s surprising just how quiet they are.

This product is more than just dog and cat clippers. They are a complete pet hair grooming kit that performs well and is built to last.

  • High performance motor - powerful enough to cut through fine, short and coarse coats
  • Low noise and vibration - ideal for noise sensitive dogs and comfortable for you to use
  • Precision ground blade - feeds hair smoothly for snag-free clipping

5 WenTop Dog Clippers, Professional 3-Speed Grooming Clippers

Professional cordless dog clippers will simplify any canine hair cutting task. We all know how difficult it can be to trim your dog’s fur at the best of times. These WenTop Dog Clippers are professional 3-speed cordless grooming clippers that offer an all-in-one kit for all your pet’s hair trimming needs.

What’s in Box?

If you purchase this dog clippers package, you will get everything you need and more. The kit contains pet clippers with battery included, a USB power cord (no adaptor), a cleaning brush, 4x combs (3,6,9, and 12mm), stainless steel scissors, stainless teeth scissors, a stainless steel comb, nail clippers, and a nail file.

Best Dog Clippers Kits

This is one of the best dog clippers kits in the market that offers a precise trim for any type of dog or pet. The USB power connection means you can charge almost anywhere at any time. The built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery is fully charged over 2 to 3 hours and can last up to 2 hours of continuous use.

The 3-speed adjustable function allows you to account for all types of hair density and thickness. These functions work with an ultra-low mute design aids quiet operation so that your pets are never scared of the noise.

When you need an all-in-one dog clipper kit for all occasions and pet types, not many can match this WenTop Dog Clippers model. You get so many dog grooming accessories to make any hair-cutting session a cinch. 

Andi dog clippers is a popular choice that has earned a good reputation for being able to deal with the most difficult dog coats.  The secret is an innovative motor that delivers maximum torque and power. From an ergonomic perspective they are lightweight, but are not cordless. If cordless is not a factor in your decision process, the Andi dog clippers may be the best dog clippers for you.

This  range of dog clippers comes with a choice of vibrant colours and has 2 speed settings 3,000 and 3800 strokes per minute

  • 2-speed clipper that runs at 3, 000/3, 800 strokes per minute
  • Innovative brushless motor which delivers maximum torque and power
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning and changing

Best low noise Dog Hair Clippers UK 

All dogs react to sound or noise. They do have a collection of funny looks and reactions to noises, noises that we take for granted. My Beagles are really scared when they hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner and head for the nearest exit. To be honest, I can not blame them, it is a loud noise coming from an inanimate object that can move around the room.  If your dog is super sensitive to noise it is best to choose dog clippers that are built to run quietly. Below, we have selected our top pick in this quiet dog clipper category. However, most of the clippers reviewed are not too noisy. 

Tips on researching and finding the best  dog clippers UK

There are three easy ways to begin your research into finding the best dog hair clippers.

  • Speak with your regular dog groomer for personal advice 
  • Check online forums
  • Check put out reviews below.

Personally, I love product reviews from pet owners who have purchased and used the product. Honest and reliable feedback is the best.

Stay clear of cheap clippers

Stay away from cheap options as they will not run smoothly and will cause pain or injury to the skin. Leaving you with a dog with a real psychological problem when it comes to grooming time. A good sign of quality is that it should operate quietly and if possible cordless. Dog beauty aside does your dog barking upset the neighbours, a range of pet friendly anti dog bark devices have been reviewed, used in combination with training will train your dog to only bark if it is important.

Can I use my personal hair clippers to groom my dog?

Dog hair is much stronger than typical than human hair. Some may have experienced  when your hairdresser's clippers get snarled in your hair. Attempting to use clippers not designed for dog hair will likely not be effective and may cause pain to your dog in the progress

What clippers do professional dog groomers use?

A qualified dog groomer will be looking for dog clippers that are suitable for a range of dog coats, from soft to wiry. Clippers that have a variable rotary speed setting enables adjustment to suit different coats. The professional can perform some delicate work if they can control the speed. For pet owners, this feature is less important, but still worth putting on your checklist when looking for the best dog clippers UK.   

  • Single Speed : Usually less expensive and more suited to the amateur groomer.
  • Variable speed : With a variable speed setup you can give a precision finish that is associated with top professional groomers. 

Are corded dog clippers better than cordless?

Cordless dog clippers have the advantage of convenience, but professional dog groomers like hair stylists will always use clippers connected direct to a power supply. The corded clipper will also be cheaper than the cordless equivalent. On the flip side, it will need recharged on a regular basis, another reason it is not the choice of professional groomers. 

On the subject of batteries, we now have lithium batteries that charge quickly, but like all batteries they will degrade over time and need replaced. How quickly your battery drains will depend on usage. If you have a large dog with thick hair, you will quickly drain the battery. Overall, the cordless wins for convenience, letting you clip and groom without being close to a power supply.

Corded clippers are the choice of professional dog groomer that need constant power to let them work continually without having to stop to recharge batteries

What are the best dog clippers for home use UK?

Still undecided as to what are the best dog clippers UK?

As you can see, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the best dog clippers UK for your family pet or your dog grooming business. If you are still pondering your final choice, weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. That should help you choose  the clippers that will meet with you and your pet grooming needs. If you decide on using the services of a professional dog groomer, check that they have proper dog grooming insurance in place.

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