Dog Life Jackets for Outdoor Dogs 

Are you planning to boat or go for a swimming escapade with your pet? If yes, keep your pet safe with a life jacket. While dogs love the high seas, such as spaniels, some may find it challenging to enjoy swimming or water sports. You will find life jackets a vital investment, mainly if our canine is not accustomed to the water.

For this reason, you want to prepare your dog early by getting it used to a life jacket. Apart from keeping your loved ones safe with a life jacket, buying one for your dog will offer the comfort and safety it needs in the waters. Through this guide, we keep you updated with the best dog life jackets you can find. 

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Things to Look out for in a Dog Life Jacket 

If you are out to buy a life jacket for your dog, there are things you want to look out for to get a product that best fits your canine. Below is a list of factors that could help you make an informed decision. 

1. Color 

Dog life jackets have myriad colors. When buying one, you want to buy one that has a reflective strip ideally to help keep an eye on your dog in the water

2. Buoyancy 

Can the swim vest hold the dog in water? Before you buy your canine a life jacket, check the weight ratings to ensure it can hold the weight of your dog in the water. 

3. Rescue Handle

Even the best swimmers may need a little help in case they get tired or experience burnout. Similarly, when your dog experiences distress, a life jacket with a handle makes it easy to get it out of the water. 

4. D-Ring 

A D-ring enables you to attach a leash to your dog's life jacket. 

5. Adjustability 

You should be able to adjust your dog's life jacket to give your dog the best and most comfortable fit. This is also true when choosing a dog raincoat or other wearable dog items. 

1. Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket

Suppose you are sourcing the best life jacket for your dog; the Outward Hound Granby Dog life jacket brings you an excellent combination of buoyancy, handles, adjustable straps and visibility. You won't have to worry about your dog size for a start as it fits all shapes and sizes. It also comes with a top grab handle that makes it easy to lift your dog out of water.

Besides, it has bright colours and reflective strips that help you spot your dog from a distance. The Outward hound suits both the high sea lovers and the novice type lovers thanks to its buoyancy and adjustable straps that give a secure fit. The Granby jacket also provides comfort to your dog out of water. 


  • Durable and quality material 
  • Top handle to easily retrieve your dog from the water
  • High-quality form for buoyancy 


  • It lacks a D-ring to attach a line to in case you want to pull your dog out of distant water due to an emergency
  • Relatively small for big dogs, especially along the back


The Outward hound dog life jacket by Granby is not only affordable but has some of the best features you would ever want to find in a dog life jacket. Whether your dog is a swimming novice or a pro, this life jacket straps your dog well and gives him the comfort he needs in the waters. 

2. Ruffwear Life Jacket for Dogs

So you have some small dogs around, don't you? The Ruffwear life jacket for dogs is a perfect fit for them, designed to support smaller dogs in water. It comes with the right balance of comfort and buoyancy to provide the little swimmer with a seamless ride in the seas.

It comes with two fastening clips on the belly's side and a secure neck closure that makes it easy to put on. You also got the advantage of a robust grab handle which you will find convenient for lifting your dog out of the water. The grab is also perfect for holding wet or nervous dogs. a Dog life jacket by trim and also comes with reflective trim for better visibility. 


  • Built with an abrasion-resistant material that makes it long-lasting
  • Comfortable float coat to give your dog confidence in and out of water 
  • High visibility reflective trim for better visibility 
  • Machine washable 
  • D-ring for attaching a leash


  • Lacks a chin float 
  • Pricey 


Dog life jacket by Ruffwear is the best product for small dogs. It's custom made to make the small canines confident and comfortable in the water. The design doesn't compromise its ability to give your dog the best of experience in the water.  

3. Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket

The other dog life jacket on our list is the one by Vivaglory. It comes in five sizes that range from extra-small to extra-large. Its key features include a dual grab handle, comfortable and lightweight neoprene material, and a fastening system around the dog's neck and belly to keep your canine buoyant and secure. There is also a D-ring for leash attachment and adjustable straps.

The premium neoprene material helps to improve its buoyancy. It also makes the life jacket lightweight, providing maximum comfort to your canine. The dual grab handle and leash and the D-ring enable you to secure your dog in case of an emergency quickly. It's also got bright colors that make it reflective to increase visibility in the water. 


  • Premium neoprene material for superior buoyancy
  • Durable dual grab handle 
  • Bright colors to enhance your dog's visibility 
  • D-ring for dog leash attachment


  • Dogs may struggle to climb out of the riverbank in Neoprene material
  • The Velcro band around the belly is a little too wide


The Vivaglory dog life jacket gives your dog the comfort and buoyancy it needs in the water. Besides, designed with a dual grab handle and D-ring for emergency evacuations. Ensure to measure your dog's size before purchase. 

4. K9 Pursuits Dog Life Jacket

Dog life jackets by K-9 pursuits come with unique dog vests to give your pet an enjoyable ride in the waters. Its key features include a top grab handle, quick-release buckles, reflective strips for visibility, adjustable straps with a neoprene chest band. The K-9 Pursuits dog life jacket is also suitable for small dogs that weigh between 14-25kgs.

The top grab handle accompanied with a D-ring for leash attaching makes easy dog recovery. Their bright colours with reflective strives help you keep an eye on your dog even in dangerous waters. However, the product is highly recommended for calm waters. Additionally, it gives your dog a cosy and secure fit thanks to its adjustable buckles.


  • Grab a handle at the back that allows you to hoist your dog quickly
  • Middle buckle straps that give your canine a secure fit and also help to distribute weight during carriage
  • Buoyancy positioning at the back helps your dog maintain a natural swimming posture. 


  • Plastic D-ring that easily snaps off
  • Velcro hold clips quickly become loose, needing frequent adjustment


The K-9 Pursuits dog life jacket gives you everything you need in a dog's vest at a glance. It's a good fit for tiny novice swimmers that require close attention. It also maintains your dog posture in the waters. 

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