Best Dog Car Ramps 2021 

Cars and vans were not designed for dogs and doorways and the height from the ground can easily put dogs off from jumping in. This was the case with my pet Beagle (Lily) she was hesitant, and I had to lift her in and out. Funny enough, now she loves car trips and will eagerly jump into the back of the car any time the door is opened. No need just yet for a dog car ramp, but I do wish I had one from the beginning. If you take your dog on road trips it is important to look at the dog car seat options that are now currently available in the UK.

However, this is not always the case for everyone and if your dog is pregnant or just getting old a dog car ramp will make the whole process so much easier for both of you.

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We sometimes employ the services of a dog walker that offers a great service and has full dog walking insurance and she initially had made her own dog car ramp, but now uses the Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri-Fold Dog Car Ramp which saves on space and looks more professional. Below we have reviewed this dog car ramp plus others that are available within the UK.

Types of Dog Car Ramps

The key difference is in how they fold and store away. The folding mechanics range from telescopic to bi and TRI folding. Free-standing do exist, but they are by their very nature bulky, using up valuable cargo space. The other difference is the surface material, some offering better grip than others. Also making an entry in 2021 are LED light up ramps. These are great for extra safety especially at nighttime.

  • Permanent Ramps : These are sturdy, but do take up more space than the foldaway option.
  • LED or reflective ramps can be either permanent or fold away, but do look out for this safety feature in your selection criteria.
  • Portable ramps: These feature a folding mechanism for easy storage and are the most popular. They are made of lightweight materials, aluminium being a favourite giving both strength and low weight
  • High traction surface
  • Handle for easy carrying

What is a dog car ramp?

Dog car ramps are simple slides made of steel or wood that are utilised to get the dogs into the vans or cars quickly. Most of the dogs have some issues relating to their bones, such as arthritis, while some are too young to enter like human beings. So dog ramps are introduced for these kind of dogs. So for such furry souls, people used to order some real nice car or van ramps to make the life of their canine pals much easier. Mentioned below are some of the most distinctive dog car ramps that will help your dog easily get into your car or van.

Petstep original has launched an excellent dog car ramp to make it easy for your pet to step into the van. Folding capability makes it possible to carry on any trip when you are with your furry friend. So for those Wondering about getting a foldable pet ramp such kind of product, one is for you guys

Folding Dog Ramp Features and Specifications

  • This product can handle the capacity of almost 500 pounds.
  • The Colour of this product is Graphite grey, and it is very easy to clean this ramp in just a couple of minutes.
  • Reduces the pain induced by arthritis in digs when they go up and down on van without
    any ramp. So, this is not the wrong choice for your canine buddy.
  • Needs no heavy maintenance like other ramps which take a massive chunk of time to clean those ramps
  • Plastic frame that snaps together in minutes and never rusts.
  • Folding capability enables it to carry anywhere
  • Heavier than usual ramps
  • Folding capability can damage the ramp by folding and unfolding again and again.

Pet Gear travel lite ramp is an excellent choice for those who are looking  for a durable dog car ramp. This ramp works as a natural incline for your canine friends to make them feel good while going into the van or car. Pet Gear have made this product with skill and provide a firm grip to this ramp to help dogs climb this ramp with much ease.

  • Having a capacity of 200 lbs
  • Its folding capability enables it to bring it to anywhere and make the trip easier for your furry friend as well.
  • Surface offers good traction and can be separated for easy cleaning
  • Strong grip feature, very useful for the dog
  • Polly grass texture makes a dog feel more like natural
  • The folding capacity of this ramp is of a great deal, but this feature can damage the slope
    because of unfolding and folding again and again

The grip on this ramp ensures the safety of nails and the paws of dogs. The grip also helps them stay at their place without slipping and getting themselves hurt. There is a grassy texture on these ramps, which makes these dogs feel a natural sensation while walking over this ramp.

If you are planning to go on a vacation with your pet dog, then you must take a walking  ramp that can help your dog quickly get into the van again and again without fear of having any joint pain. Pet gear travel ramp is the latest ramp, which is mainly designed for trips and vacations. Having a capacity of 200 pounds, this ramp is available for almost every size of the dog. If you are planning to get a dog car ramp that is great for every dog and is durable at the same time, pet gear travel light ramp is for you.

As there are different sorts of vehicles with different shapes and structures, but this ramp is suitable for both cars and van, which is excellent. The dog car ramp has a trifold design, which is considerable and durable.

  • Raised edges and antislip surface prevents the dog from slipping or falling
  • High carrying capacity
  • Highly durable and resistant
  • Easily cleaned because of mat removing the ability
  • Mats present on this surface slides on the ramp which cause the dogs to slide over the surface and may slip due to these mats.
  • The locking clasp mechanism is not good enough.

Final Verdict 

Most dogs love road trips and having your own foldaway dog ramp will reduce any stress normally associated with onboarding and off boarding your dogs. The ramps reviews have been designed with safety and ease of use in mind and should server their purpose if looked after for many years. Overall a worthwhile investment for both owner and dog.