Best Dog Pushchair and Strollers UK | 2022

Did you know that dog push chairs were a real thing? They are, it’s true! And they are used for exactly the same reason as push chairs for babies… substituted by canines, of course. But if you did already know that, it makes sense why you are here. To find out more about push chairs for dogs.

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If you are currently looking to buy a dog push chair, you’ll need to know the lay of the land. What types of products are available? Are they safe? Do I need different models for different dog breeds? So many questions. We hope that our complete guide to dog push chairs can clear up any inquiries or lingering doubts you might have. You don’t want your dog to be a public liability, or even worse, sat at home gathering dust. A dog pushchair much like a dog bike trailer enables you to bring your dog with you on your outings and excursions.

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Why Do I Need a Dog Pushchair?

If you have never thought about purchasing a push chair for dogs before, you probably have a few questions. The most prominent question is why do I need dog push chairs? If you have an elderly dog that cannot get out and about any more, this would be the first reason. It’s so sad to see your dog immobile and in the final years of its life. You can brighten up your dog’s life with a push chair.

Smaller dogs and puppies can also need a little of help from time to time. Puppies sometimes get very tired on long walks. And smaller dogs can get lost under a sea of feet if you are taking them to a market or another crowded place. Dogs who have injuries, illness, or are recovering from operations might need the services of a dog push chair to help them get about.

Did you know that Brachycephalic breeds can have major problems with hot and humid weather conditions? These types of breeds include Boston Terriers, Bullmastiffs, and Pekinese. These types of dogs struggle on walks in the hotter summer months.

How Do I Choose the Correct Dog Push Chair?

Now we know why you would need a push chair for your dog, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the subject. How do I choose the correct dog push chair and what things do I need to consider beforehand? Check out these nuggets of wisdom on what you need from a dog push chair product.

Dog Push Chair Size and Weight

The first thing you need to consider is the size and weight of your dog. You need to match your dog with a push chair that is big and strong enough. Please make sure you check the small print of the manufacturer’s details on each potential push chair purchase. You will be able to see the product's weight capacity there and act accordingly. If you get a product that is too small or weak to handle your dog’s weight, it will be tears and scattered plastic all-round.

Suspension and Wheels

You will need to ensure that you have more than adequate suspension for your push chair. You do not want your dog bouncing around like a child on a bouncy castle because of bumpy terrain and inadequate suspension. In terms of wheels, you need to ensure they are large enough to give your dog a smooth journey. For a medium-sized dogs, we would recommend that you choose a model with 11 to 12-inch wheels.

Dog Push Chair Functionality

Standard dog push chair products are more than enough for most dog owners, but some models are specifically designed for numerous reasons. There are dog stroller models that can be attached to your bicycle that allow you to take your dog for bike rides. There are 3-in-1 dog push chairs that are a stroller, car seat, and carrier all in one package.  Always consider the functionality you desire before making a purchase.

Considering the Weather Conditions

If you live in the UK, one thing you always have to take into account is the weather conditions. There is a high chance you will encounter rainy conditions sometime very soon. There are many different types of dog push chairs, some of which are designed to protect your pet from the elements. However, these models are more expensive than standard push chairs.

Quality and Price

The quality and prices of products are not mutually exclusive but are usually a good indicator. If you can get away with buying a standard cheaper dog push chair model, we wouldn’t hold it against you. Your pet might, but we won’t. If you are on a budget, you probably won’t have much choice. However, do make sure your product is big and strong enough to support your dog. You can’t scrimp and scrape on that factor.

But if you do have plenty of cash to spend, it’s definably worth buying a model from a market-leading brand. Get a push chair for your dog with all the features possible. Products with detachable carriers that also double as car seats are preferable to standard models. But if you need to merge quality and price, go for the best value-for-money options.

Final Thoughts on Buying Dog Push Chairs

If you have an older dog or one that is ill or recovering from an operation, buying dog push chairs can dramatically improve your pet’s life. And this is also true if you have a small dog, a puppy, or a rare Brachycephalic breed that struggles in the heat. Dogs that cannot go out are sad canines. Even if they cannot walk properly, they still love the great outdoors.

When buying a dog push chair product, make sure you get the correct size. You need a model that can handle the weight capacity of your dog. Decide whether you want a standard model or 3-in-1 models. And always think about the potential weather conditions where you live.

Getting a push chair for your best friend in times of need is the compassionate action of a caring dog owner. But don’t let us guilt you into doing the right thing.

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