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Best flea treatment for UK Dogs 2021

Fleas are a pest that most dog owners  will discover at some point in time. The annoying tiny creatures will cause you dog discomfort and itchiness and happily bite you and other family members. Many flea treatment products exists, and we will help guide in finding the best flea treatment for your dog.  Finding the best flea treatment for dogs is similar to finding the best dog car seat, you need to find the product that is best suited to your dog.   

It's essential to get rid of fleas, which are parasites because as well as causing itchiness, they can carry pathogens, including tapeworms and a host of other nasty diseases that can be contagious. In severe cases, flea bites can lead to fur loss, anaemia from blood loss, and fever.

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Clearly, fleas need to be eradicated, and here's the lowdown on how to prevent and treat flea infestations by finding the best flea treatment for UK dogs. Be extra vigilant during the summer months as their numbers peak during the warmer UK months. 

Which is the best flea treatment for dogs? Drops, powder or a collar?

The drop from my experience whilst the most expensive I find  the most effective. The drop is applied to the skin above the neck or middle of shoulder blades. After you get the pest under control the cheaper flea collar can act as a  long term preventive option. The powder is also effective, but watch up for the chemicals and your dog my dislike the smell. 

Checking for Fleas

All dogs love a good scratch, but if you see your dog scratching itself more often than normal, you should check for fleas. Actually, you should routinely check for fleas even if there are no signs. 

Part the fur and look for fleas or black spots (flea eggs) and red, irritated spots on the skin to see if fleas are present. 

If you confirm the terrible news, you need to start by treating your furry friend. You can use a flea collar or flea medication in the form of drops, powder, or shampoo to get rid of the fleas. Here are our top picks.

Find the best flea treatment for you dog below

Another product from the brand Beaphar.  Apply the flea treatment for dogs to any irritated areas and places fleas usually hit. They love warm areas behind the ears and underbody area are popular hiding places. The price is affordable, and the ratings from pet owners are very high. A few doses, and your dog will be wagging its tail more and scratching less.

Say farewell to fleas and ticks with Frontline Spot On Dog. This flea treatment for dogs can be used on large dogs weighing up to 40 kg. You apply the liquid treatment around your dog's neck, and it will naturally distribute over its body and kill fleas within a day and ticks within 48 hours.

We love this  flea treatment for dogs because it's chemical-free, natural and safe to use around children. Nature's Healing Powder can be applied to your dog and cat (including puppies and kittens) for at least a month using a brush or comb to remove the dead fleas and eggs. The organic formula can also be used on your pet's bedding.

This product will get rid of fleas effectively and is also waterproof, so it is excellent if you have an outdoors or farm dog. It lasts for up to four months and can be used on pets three months old and up.

This waterproof, long-lasting flea collar is effective and smells great with clove, peppermint, eucalyptus, citronella, and lemon essential oil scents. It is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin and is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. This flea treatment for dogs is also waterproof and has been given the thumbs up by many happy pet owners. 

Steps To Take Following Pet Treatment

Now that you have treated your pet dog with the best flea treatment for dogs on the market, you need to give your house a deep clean to remove any fleas or eggs. If your dog comes inside, it's likely the fleas have dropped off onto the carpet, bedding, or furniture. Vacuum the house, wash all linens and fabrics in hot water and clean all surfaces. You can buy flea powder for carpets at the supermarket or pet store. 

There is no way to 100% ensure fleas don't come inside. Even if you have the cleanest house in the world, they can get in aboard your dog, other pets or even be blown inside by the wind in rare cases. Even if you have screens on your windows and doors, there can be little spaces that fleas can penetrate. Your doors are open as you enter and leave, so there are frequent chances for those pesky fleas to enter through the front door.

But often checking for fleas on your pet dog and other animals and giving your home a deep clean from top to bottom every season will help prevent flea invasions. Good luck on your flea mission!