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Best Dog Trackers UK 

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A dog tracker will provide that extra reassurance when your dog disappears out of eyesight. Our fur friends are like integral family members, and it is only natural that we want to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Losing a beloved pet dog can be a very distressing experience and something you’d like to avoid by keeping them safe at all times. However, it can be challenging if you have a hyperactive dog that has a penchant for wandering around and getting away every chance they get.

If you want to rid yourself of the fear of losing your dog, you can simply invest in a dog tracker. These GPS tracking devices can be very useful in finding the location of your dog in a very short amount of time. You can follow their movements and get to them in no time.

These devices come in handy when you are not around your dog, or even when you take your dog out for a walk. If it is off the leash and wanders away, you can easily find its location and bring it safely back home.

There are quite a few options for the best UK dog tracker on the market. You may find high-quality designs with numerous advanced features that not only allow efficient tracking of the dog but can also help you in monitoring their physical activities and their overall health and fitness. You can look at the options and choose the one that suits your requirements. We have compiled a list of some top-of-the-line dog trackers available in the market. We have provided a thorough description of their various features. Continue reading below to find out our take on the best dog tracker UK in 2022!

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker - Unlimited Range

Tractive GPS pet tracker was developed by Tractive from Austria. This dog tracker belongs to Tractive’s broader motion tracking product line and is designed to aid pet owners to track and monitor the motion activity of their pets.

GPS dog tracker UK

How it works

With the Tractive GPS dog tracker, you can set a safety parameter within which your dog can roam around freely. In an instance where your dog steps out of the safe zone, you will be sent an instant notification alerting you of the same. The device hence allows you to take prompt action. 

Once your dog has stepped out of the defined parameter, you can track its movement through the Tractive GPS app. When you use the live tracking mode of the app, you can keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts. The app is quite efficient and provides updated data in all instances. 

If you do not turn on the live tracking mode on the GPS app, in that situation, the frequency of location updates will vary according to your dog's activity level. Moreover, the information may not be updated in concurrence with the activity.

The app comes with a map, which allows you not only to pinpoint the exact current location of the dog, but also a history of the places it’s been to. Thanks to the high precision and swift location update, finding your dog may prove to be quite hassle-free.

There is also a dog fitness tracker which is assimilated with the product and helps you to keep a check on your dog’s activity and fitness level.


Some of the features of the Tractive GPS  dog tracker are given below:

  • The device uses cellular GPS and can work in around 150 countries
  • The GPS app is compatible with iOS, Android, or any browser, allowing convenience, and comes with its SIM card
  • The GPS collar is adjustable. The device has a dimension of 5.1x4.1x1.5 cm and hence, it can fit comfortably on even the smallest of dogs
  • The dog tracker comes with a rechargeable battery that takes only two hours to charge. Moreover, the battery can last for two to five days, making the product extremely efficient and convenient
  • The tracker comes with a mandated subscription plan, whereby, the payment for two years has to be paid upfront

What we liked

  • The tracker’s geo-fencing capability allows owners to keep their dogs in a safe zone.
  • The product is compact and has a comfortable design, fit to suit any size of dog.
  • The GPS is quite efficient and accurate and helps identify the exact location of the dog.
  • It provides instant notification to the owner, allowing for a quick reaction. 
  • The battery is long-lasting, making it easy to use.
  • The GPS tracker works in multiple countries

What we didn’t like

  • Tractive GPS tracker comes with a monthly subscription plan
  • The product works efficiently and provides accurate location data only if the live mode is on
  • It may have poor signal quality in the countryside, which may hinder the exact tracking of the dog

Final verdict

All in all Tractive GPS Tracker is an easy-to-use product that is durable and provides precise data. Its long-lasting battery make it a good choice as a dog tracking device. Its coverage in over 150 countries makes it an excellent choice of tracking device, especially if you're looking to travel to another country with your dog. You don't have to spend money buying another tracker since you can use the Tractive GPS Tracker almost anywhere in the world.

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#2 Tractive GPS Tracker For Dogs, Unlimited Range

The Tractive GPS Tracker for dogs is the updated version of its predecessor. It comes with the added capability of being waterproof. This feature makes it even more durable than the previous version, making it a great choice for pet owners whose dogs have a penchant for swimming.

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

How it Works

Just like the other Tractive GPS tracker, this device is designed on the premise of a geofencing capability that allows you to establish a virtual boundary around your pet dog that you may consider as the safe zone. If your dog steps out of that virtual boundary, the tracker will instantly send you a message. Subsequently, you can track the activity of your dog and its exact live location on the GPS app on your mobile device, provided you have enabled the live mode on the app.

The GPS feature is quite accurate and refreshes frequently to provide the exact location of the dog in real-time. However, if the live mode is not enabled on the app, the location updating frequency will vary in concurrence with the activity level of the dog and may not be as accurate as it would in case the live mode is enabled. The map on the app is quite comprehensive and allows for the exact location identification of the wandering dog.


Some of the features of the Tractive GPS tracker are given below:

  • The device comes with an integrated fitness tracker, allowing you to monitor your dog’s physical activity and hence overall health and fitness
  • The device uses cellular GPS and can track locations in around 150 countries
  • The GPS app of the tracker is compatible with iOS, Android, or any browser, offering convenience
  • The tracker comes with an integrated SIM card
  • Multiple people can be added to the data share, allowing them to keep an eye on the location and activity of the dog
  • The device has a dimension of 5.1x4.1x1.5 cm and weighs 30gms. Therefore, it can fit comfortably on even the smallest of dogs as the GPS collar is adjustable
  • The tracker comes with a rechargeable and exchangeable battery that takes only two hours to charge. Moreover, the battery can last for two to five days, making the product extremely efficient and convenient
  • The tracker requires a subscription plan, and the payment for two years subscriptions has to be paid upfront

What we liked

  • The water-proof capability makes it more durable and offers multiple uses and benefits
  • The tracker’s virtual boundary-setting allows owners to keep their dogs within a specific range
  • The product is compact, durable, and has a comfortable design, fit to suit any size of dog
  • The GPS app is quite proficient and precise and helps determine the exact location of the dog
  • The battery is exchangeable
  • The battery is long-lasting and does not need to be charged that often
  • The GPS tracker can work in multiple countries

What we didn’t like

  • Tractive GPS tracker comes with a monthly subscription plan
  • The product works efficiently and provides accurate location data only if the live mode is on
  • It may have poor signal quality in the countryside, which may hinder the exact tracking of the dog

Final verdict

The new version of the Tractive GPS Tracker is indeed an improved version of the previous design. Its waterproof quality adds to its durability and makes it an attractive choice for pet owners, whose dogs have the probability of stepping into puddles or pools often.

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS tracker is a product of the French company Weenect. Having been around for over 12 years, the company has made quite a name for itself in the market. The Weenect Dogs 2 tracker allows for active monitoring of your pet dog anywhere and helps in keeping their health and fitness in check.

How it works

Weenect Dogs 2 is touted as the smallest GPS tracker around for dogs. There is no distance limitation for the device. Therefore, you can easily track the location of your dog no matter where it is and how far away it is.

Moreover, the efficient GPS device app allows for continuous updating of the GPS position, enabling you to keep an eye on your pet in real-time. The device also comes with a tracker ring that can help with the meal-time training of the dog.

To turn the tracker on, you need to press the on/off button for 3 seconds until you feel a vibration. Rapid blinking of the LED indicates it is trying to make a connection and when the LED blinks twice, it means that connection has been established

the smallest GPS tracker for dogs


Some of the salient features of the product are given below:

  • With the Weenect Dogs 2, GPS tracker owners can track their dog’s activity from any distance as it does not have a distance limit
  • The tracker sends updated positions constantly to the app with an updating gap of only 10 seconds
  • The app is compatible with iOS and Android both and is thus easy to use
  • The tracker comes with a SIM card
  • The wearable tracker has a training ring, which can be used whenever it is meal time. With the noise ringer activated, the dog will slowly learn to associate the ring with the knowledge that it is time to eat. Therefore, whenever you want your dog to return home, you can sound the ring and it will come back at once for its meal or a treat
  • The size dimensions of Weenect Dogs are 23x10x58 mm, making it quite small in size and lightweight
  • The battery of the tracker requires 2 hours to charge completely and may last for three days on average, depending on the rate of use. A more careful use may even lead it to last for 4 days
  • Since the tracker comes with a SIM card, it comes with a 3 year pre-paid subscription for cost coverage

What we liked

  • The tracker provides tracking and real-time updated location without any distance limit
  • It is small and quite lightweight
  • It can help the owner in training through the ring sound on the tracker
  • It has a long battery life
  • The small size makes it visually appealing

What we didn’t like

  • It comes with a 3 year pre-paid subscription, which adds up to quite a hefty amount
  • If it is actively used, it may have to be charged more frequently

Final verdict

Weenects may prove to be quite a useful tracker, particularly for small dog owners. It is small and convenient to wear and since there are no limits on the distance range, it may prove to be widely instrumental. Therefore, if you are looking for a small-size tracker, Weenects may be your best bet.

Like the Weenects, the Kippy Evo is also waterproof. This GPS dog caller can be useful for pet owners whose dogs like a good dip in the pool.

GPS Tracker Collar and Activity Monitor

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How it works

Kippy Evo, enables owners to locate their pet’s position in real-time. With its in-built GPS, GLONASS, LBS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, you can locate your pet anywhere in Europe. Similar to the Tractive tracker it makes a virtual boundary or a leash around the pet and alerts the owner when the dog crosses that parameter.

Kippy Evo is a smart device that allows owners to track the activities of their dogs including the number of steps, playtime, sleep pattern, calories consumed, and relaxation. 


  • The GPS tracker is completely waterproof
  • The tracker comes with an in-built GPS, GLONASS, LBS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and therefore, the device can function throughout Europe
  • It provides instant alerts when the dog crosses the virtual safe zone
  • It helps in keeping a track of the dog’s activities and allows owners to keep a check on their pet’s overall welfare
  • The device has an inbuilt LED flashlight
  • The battery of the GPS caller can last up to 7 days depending on use making it durable and long-lasting
  • The tracker also comes with a SIM for which a monthly subscription is required

What we liked

  • Its geo-fencing quality helps the owners in keeping their dogs in a safe zone
  • It is waterproof which makes it safe for water-loving pets, dogs, and cats
  • It works across long distances
  • Its battery may last for a long time

What we didn’t like

  • Weighing at 38gm, it may be a little bulky for small dogs and cats
  • The Kippy Evo app may seem a bit challenging to first-time users

Final Verdict

Given its multiple features, the Kippy Evo tracker may seem appealing to pet owners who not only want to keep an eye on their pets but also want to keep their other activities in check. Its long-lasting battery may appeal to those who prefer convenience while the waterproof feature may be best suited for water-loving pets.

The Pawfit tracker was developed by Latsen technology which is an AI specialist company. Compared to other dog tracking devices, Pawfit 2 comprises advanced features that enable pet owners to monitor their dogs 24/7. 

Waterproof GPS Tracker for Dogs

How it works

The smart technologies embedded in the dog tracker not only allow you to monitor your dog, but also help you in looking after their well-being. With Pawfit you can get an exact location update of your dog and assess their movements in terms of distance, speed, and calories, etc. It allows enhanced safety and protection features that we will look at in the next section. 

The device enables you to track your dog through an app installed on your phone or even your smartwatch. You can manage up to four pets with one device. To use the device, all you need to do is charge it, install the app and set it up and attach the device to the collar. 


  • You can use the text-to-speech feature on the device. So, if someone finds your dog, they can press the button on it to find out all the required information about the dog and its owner and enable them to return your pet safely to you
  • The combined features of GPS, WIFI, and cellular technology provide an extremely precise and consistent update about the pet’s location
  • It allows you to monitor your dog’s activities and helps you keep a check on their health. Moreover, you can set safe zones for your dog, and if the surrounding temperature increases, it will signal an alert for you
  • The product comes in a pet-friendly design and is waterproof as well as dustproof. It has a hard ABS shell and is thus resistant to damage from dropping or biting
  • The dog tracker comes with an integrated SIM and can be used across Europe and North America
  • Pawfit 2’s battery takes 2.5 hours to charge and can last up to six days

What we liked

  • It offers extra protection features
  • It enables you to monitor your pet’s activities
  • It is compatible with apple and android and can track up to 4 pets at a time
  • It is durable and waterproof
  • It can be used for pets of varying sizes

What we didn’t like

  • There have been a few concerns over the battery life of this dog tracker
  • Despite multiple integrated technologies, sometimes the app does not provide accurate data

Final verdict

Pawfit 2 offers remarkably varied features. Its extra protection, activity monitoring, and text to speech feature are ideal for owners who want enhanced protection for their beloved pets.

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The Vodafone Curve is a smart GPS tracking device that uses a combination of different technologies to provide highly efficient tracking services. The device has GPS and Bluetooth for close ranges. The tracker’s size and long battery life make it ideal for dog tracking.

Vodafone Curve, The Smart GPS Tracker

How it works

The Curve is circular and small. It has two buttons; one is an on/off button and the other one is for sending an on-demand location update to the GPS app.

It comes with two rubber bands which can be used to attach it to the dog’s harness. It comes with different tracking modes and if you want to use the location update in real-time, it will refresh every 15 seconds.


Vodafone Curve comes with four modes

ModeLocation update

Battery life

2 hours

7 days
Every day

Half hour

5 days

Performance5 mins

3 days

Every few seconds

2 days

Furthermore, the dog tracker is water-resistant and can tolerate a full immersion of 3o minutes. It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and an integrated SIM, but it is not mandatory to have a Vodafone SIM. The tracker comes with two subscription plans. With the GPS, you can track location almost anywhere.

What we liked

  • It is small and portable and hence ideal for dogs
  • It has different modes and when you don’t need regular location updates, you can switch it to power-saving mode
  • It works well with both iOS and Android devices
  • GPS is quite efficient and provides precise location updates in real-time mode

What we didn’t like

  • The beeper is very low-pitched
  • The tracking range of the Bluetooth is small
  • Battery life is small when used in real-time mode

Final Verdict

The Vodafone Curve is a smart design and can work well if you have good Vodafone coverage in the area. It can be tracked on other mobile devices, which makes it convenient. The battery life can be prolonged through careful use.

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We hope you find the dog tracker reviews useful in helping you make a purchase decision. When it comes to choosing the best dog tracker, you need to evaluate your requirements and make a decision accordingly.

For instance, the dog trackers as you can see come with a subscription cost. You can select the package which best suits your need. Similarly, if you require a tracker with Bluetooth, you can filter out the ones that do not have it. In that case, the Vodafone Curve tracker could be the best option.

If the prolonged battery life is a preference, PawFit and Kippy Evo can be good options. Moreover, if your dog is fond of jumping into the water, you will need a water-resistant dog tracker like the new Tractive tracker or Kippy Evo. Other considerations include the distance ranges of the GPS and the size of the dog tracker. If you own a small-sized dog, a lightweight and small-sized dog tracker like Weenect could be the one you need.

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