Retractable Dog Leads 8m,10m,15m and 20m 

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Your dog deserves the best retractable dog lead. Any considerate or responsible pet owner wants the best for their dog in every way. It’s important that your dog has the freedom to walk but always remains safe, especially next to roads. A retractable dog lead gives you control but allows your pet to walk without the restraints of a tight lead.

The retractable lead provides your dog with freedom to explore when you are in wide open spaces, but also gives you control of the level of freedom. The most important factor is that your dog can enjoy relative freedom, and you still have the ability to control and lock or retract at any time.  Take note of the lead size when considering how much freedom you are comfortable giving to your dog, some leads stretch to 20 m.    

But how do you find the right retractable dog lead for you and your pet? What do we need to look for and what types of models are available in the marketplace? There are so many questions that we will answer in this retractable dog leash guide. Regular dog walks are essential to the health and well being of for both the dog and dog owner. Keep your dog dry on rainy UK days with a stylish waterproof do coat which is designed for easy leash attachment. After you get your dog all geared up don't forget yourself, top of your list should be a good pair of dog walking boots and an over the cross body shoulder dog walking bag or bum bag.

Quick Note For Professional Pet Business Owners- If it's your professional dog walker, please make sure your dog walking insurance UK policy is up to-date.

Retractable Dog Lead UK Guide 2021

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Dog Lead 5m 8m and 10m Category Picks

The TUG brand is associated with innovation. The latest is a patented mechanism to make the tape tangle free and operate smoothly at all angles. The handle provides excellent feedback.

The handle is made with a soft dimpled plastic that makes for excellent grip wet or dry. It is designed to be suitable for small or large hands and should not feel heavy or cause any ache over extended use.

The tape is 16ft (5 m) and made from nylon, which is tightly woven to give strength and durability. The tape is feed out through a grooved exit point which makes tangle free.

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The lead comes in 3 sizes large, medium and small
  • Large : For Dogs Under 50 kg
  • Medium : For Dogs Under 25 kg
  • Small : For Dogs Under 15 kg

Overall, a well thought out and designed retractable dog lead that is tangle free in all directions. It has simple, but effective locking system with 3 settings free, pause and lock. The lock lets you use it as a standard fixed length  training lead. These and other qualities plus the rave reviews make the TUG retractable lead our top pick in the 15 m range category. 

This a called the New Classic from flexi, It has an extension of 8 m and is ideal for small dogs weighing up to 12 kg. Make your lead standout by using the LED lighting system that is included. 

  • Easy to use with one hand with a comfortable ergonomic grip handle
  • Comes in a range of sizes  XS, S, M and L
  • Made in Germany by hand
  • Reflective belt for improved visibility in the dark

Flexi is the market leader in retractable leads. The company was established in Bargteheide, Germany in 1973 and during that time they worked on producing  safe, durable and reliable flexi leads. Made in Germany and it smacks of quality

Flexi are big on safety, but all the points they list are appliable to all retractable leads. Never be tempted to bring your dog along when you cycle, regardless of lead type.  When dogs exercise they often have the urge for a bathroom stop. In my case, I was cycling along, until I was brought to a sudden stop which very nearly resulted in my injury. My dog a small beagle  had decided it was time to relieve itself and had itself come to a sudden halt and was also strong enough to bring my bicycle to a sudden halt.  Image cycling along  and being brought to a sudden unexpected halt!  I have highlighted some safety measures, but when you get your Flexi retractable 10 m lead, spend time to familiarise yourself with all the safety precautions and advice that are included in the instruction pack.

  • Check for any damage to Flexi components before each walk.
  • Do not allow the dog to bite or chew the Flexi lead or components.
  • Always use the included safety loop in addition to your own collar
  • Always hold the handle, not the lead or tape
  • Never let children use unsupervised

Now for the good stuff, the giant retractable tape is designed for the needs of large dogs and built for strength and durability. The lead offers a radius of 10 m. The dog can easily be controlled with the one hand braking system and ergonomic handle will make long walks enjoyable with hand or arm ache. 

Why Should I buy a Retractable Dog Lead?

A retractable dog lead is essentially a long length of cord wrapped around a spring-loaded device encased in plastic. There is a button on the handle that you can use to control the length of the lead. Your dog can literally be free to walk with no restrictions until you rein in the leash at your discretion. And some of these leashes ranges are extremely long.

There is a debate whether retractable dog leads are safer than standard models. Your dog indeed has more freedom with a retractable lead and has less snag when it tries to run. However, this can also be a negative thing. Retractable versions give you less time to act if your dog is approached by other aggressive canines. But on the whole, retractable dog lead models give your dog some much-needed space and relief.

Why should I buy a retractable dog leash? There are numerous reasons why you need to purchase one of these products. Here is a list of reasons why this type of product is essential to dog owners.

  • Freedom – A retractable dog leash gives your pooch the freedom to roam about while you still have total control. Retractable models have much longer leashes than standard models, giving you and your dog more freedom. Traditional leads are sometimes only 4 feet in length, while retractable leads can be as long as 30 feet. This type of lead also alleviates any tugging on your arm, which is also nice.
  • Untangled – One of the hassles of using a traditional lead is that it always gets tangled around your dog. This is due to the short length of the cord used in standard leash models. A retractable lead has more cord length, hence less entanglement. 
  • Convenience – Are you sometimes too tired to take your dog on long walks after a hard day at work? We feel your pain. However, your dog’s walk cannot stop just because you are feeling a bit rough. If you are using a retractable lead with a long cord length, you can sit on the park bench while allowing your dog to roam free.
  • Multiple Dogs – If you have multiple dogs, having a retractable lead is the only way to manage them all at once. Imagine walking several dogs at the same time, all on traditional leads. There is a good chance that your arms will be ripped from your sockets. Have multiples dogs on multiple retractable leads means at least you can have some semblance of control.

What Retractable Dog Lead Features Should I Expect?

Now we have discussed why you need a retractable dog leash, it’s time to delve into the types of features and products on the marketplace. What features should you look for when buying a retractable dog lead? What are the best functions that you can expect to find in the best retractable leash models? Keep reading to find out more about dogs and their leash products.

Comfortable Grips

If you are taking your dogs for a walk regularly, as you should, having comfortable grips on your lead is essential. Walking dogs can put a strain on your hands, especially if your dogs are boisterous. Make sure you buy a retractable leash with an ergonomic handle that conforms to the shape of your palm. Comfort is essential when buying a lead.

LED Flashlights

Do you routinely take your dogs for a walk at night? This can be especially true for people who work long hours or shifts. Dogs don’t care what time of the day or night they go walking. They are just happy to be out and about. You can now buy a retractable leash with LED flashlights. Or you could buy a torch to ensure you are safe and secure in low-light areas.

Multiple-Dog Lead Functions

Do you walk a few dogs at the same time? We don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be to manage several dogs at walk time. It can be a nightmare. In this day and age, you can buy a flexi lead with multiple dog functionality. These types of products have numerous buttons for each individual leash, so you get total control over your entire pack. You will be in the driving seat, not your dogs.

Dog Leash Length

Getting a retractable lead that has a long cord is essential to buying any dog leash product. Traditional dog leads are generally 4 feet to 20 feet in length, where retractable leads are generally 4 feet to 30 feet long. Make sure you check the exact length of your potential dog leash product, or you might be disappointed. Does size matter? Apparently so!

Dog Lead Weight

How heavy is your dog? I know that is a personal question, but that can have an effect on which flexi lead you should choose. The weight of an average dog is approximately 110 pounds, which breaks down as 7.8 stones. If you have a heavy or big dog, you will need a longer lead to handle the weight. The smaller the dog, the less lead cord length you need.

What do I need to know about using a retractable leash?

We have already discussed why you need a retractable dog lead and the features you need to consider when buying one. But is there anything else you need to know about using a retractable model? 

  • Dog Walking in Busy Areas – You always need to be especially careful when walking your dog in busy areas with other dogs, people, or even traffic. Because a retractable model allows your dog a bit more freedom, it means you need to keep a keener watch on your pet. Dog walking can be dangerous if you are not paying attention. 
  • Be Careful on Adventurous Walks – If you like to go adventurous dog walks in the countryside or unknown terrain, always rein in your leash. You do not want to let your dog walk too far away from you in an unknown area. Make sure you retract the leash in these sorts of areas.
  • Keeping a Firm Grip – Always keep a firm grip on the handle of your retractable dog lead. If you don’t keep a firm grip, you might end up with cuts, blisters, and scrapes on your hands. This is especially true if your dogs are easily overexcited. If you lose the grasp on your lead, the dog can also get a bit scared.
  • Dog Leash Maintenance – You can use dog leashes in all weather conditions. Dog walks don’t stop because of bad weather conditions. You need to constantly take your dog for a walk in the rain, wind, and worse. This type of use means you need to keep your lead clean and well maintained at all times. Always make sure you dry your lead after dog walking in the rain. It’s the moisture that’s usually the reason why products get mouldy and deteriorate. Make sure you always keep the leash dry before re-spooling the cord. If you follow these tips, your lead will last a long time.
  • Less Stress on the Metal Clip – The metal dog leash clip is the most important part of the lead. This is the connection that makes the retractable lead work properly. It’s always important to be gentle and careful with your metal leash clip. Keep the slack tight and make sure the cord doesn’t get caught in the clip or tangled. 

Flexi Dog Retractable Lead Product Summary

Buying the best retractable dog lead product should largely depend on the size of your dog. If you have a large and heavy dog, you will need a longer lead cord length. You can also buy products that have many features such as LED flashlights, ergonomic grips, and much more. But it’s also important that you know why you need a retractable model and the things you have to consider when using one. A retractable lead offers the dog more freedom, which can also be a safety concern. Flexi provide a comprehensive list of best practice guidelines and safety instructions to ensure safe use of their products. Please read and adhere to these to enjoy long safe and happy walks with your dog or dogs. 

If you are using a retractable leash, always keep an eye on what your dog is doing. You need to be extra careful when using this type of model. However, freedom is one of the main reasons to buy a retractable dog lead for your pet. Happy walkies! 

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