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Have you noticed something strange in your dog’s behaviour recently? Is your pet suffering from anxiety and do you want to do something to help alleviate this issue? Buying the best calming bed for anxious dogs might help to put your canine into a more relaxed state of being and headspace. Every little helps.

Did you know that a recent study from the University of Helsinki found that nearly three-quarters of the 14,000 dogs in their survey were reported to be suffering from some kind of anxiety? It’s quite the norm, apparently. Dogs are known for being emotionally intelligent and can easily be affected by their surroundings. A calming bed might be the answer to all your problems, or at the very least have some relaxing effects on your beloved pooch. If your dog is getting old and suffering from joint pain, have you considered a memory foam dog bed mattress that will make sleeping more tolerable. 

calming sofa bed

As you can see, my dog has just found the most comfy place to sleep during the day. I am waiting for him to fall.

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Anti Anxiety Calming Dog Beds 

#1 Top Pick Winner: The Dog’s Balls Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed

This cool and comfy donut dog bed is luscious, lavish, and luxurious. It’s the top pick on our list, so that should tell you something. It’s constructed from plush polyester faux fur that is extremely comfortable and cosy. Furthermore, it comes in eight different colours and several sizes, from x-small 43 cm diameter beds up to 137 cm diameter XXL beds and everything in between.

This UK anti anxiety dog bed was ideally designed to satisfy the nesting instincts of dogs who want to feel more relaxed and secure. The soft texture and self-warming materials reduce the feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. The included removable covers are easy to wash and replace, ensuring longevity and years of use.

Superbly Supportive Dog Bed

The unique double-layer base mattress has a cushion design that comes with top layers of foam and a solid base pad that was designed to support your dog. There are no dips in the middle of this calming bed product. It’s superbly secure and supportive.

The comfortable interior was designed to reduce night pacing issues that are usually associated with discomfort, anxiety, and cold conditions. The product is designed and distributed by experts in providing sleep solutions for dogs suffering from stress and anxiety. They were even featured in major UK newspapers like The Sun and Buzzfeed in the USA. This is a serious calming bed for dogs for serious owners who really want to help their canine during its time of trouble.

#2: DanceWhale Round Plush Dog Calming Bed

As humans, we sometimes take comfort for granted. But for dogs, comfort is always linked to happiness and less stress. This DanceWhale Dog Calming Bed can help to reduce anxiety just because it’s so damn comfy. It’s made from plush faux fur for the surface and will sink when your dog relaxes. It comes with non-skid bottom support that ensures solidity and that the bed retains its shape. There are eight sizes available,   from x-small at 40cm diameter, all the way to 4XL with its 120cm diameter.

The round, fluffy donut shape is always popular with dogs, giving them a sense of security with its high-side design. It’s perfect for dogs that love to curl up in a ball in search of otherworldly snugness. The ultra-soft filling works well to alleviate any joint pressure build up and ensure a solid night’s sleep every time.

Effective Anti Anxiety Dog Bed

Not only is this an effective anti anxiety dog bed, but it’s also very convenient. You can easily remove the covers to clean them. You can even clean it in a washing machine or on the gentle cycle of a tumble dryer. The bed is not waterproof, so if this is a concern, you can buy some additional water-resistant covers.

All in all, we chose this calming bed for dogs as a runner-up because it offers so many cool properties. It comes in several sizes in six different colours, so there are lots of choices.


  • Donut-shaped plush dog bed.
  • 8 different sizes ranging from x-small to 4XL.
  • Made from luxurious faux fur for ultimate comfort.
  • Soft filling padding ensures a solid middle base.
  • Available in eight colours.
  • High-sides for security.
  • List Element


  • You might want to size up.

#3: SlowTone Donut Dog Calming Bed

This SlowTone pet bed model is one of the comfiest and most desirable dogs calming beds in the marketplace. This high-quality and synthetic faux fur dog bed merges comfort and breathability like no other. The mixture of faux fur and cotton filler gives it an elastic feel, along with being fluffy, full, and soft all at the same time. It takes care of your pet’s skin while simultaneously enhancing relaxation and comfort.

The cool donut shape makes this a perfect anti anxiety dog bed for dogs that love curling up in a ball. The high-sides create a sense of security and safety within your dog while providing neck and head support. It also helps with muscle and joint relief when sleeping. 

Non-Slip Safety Bottom

This calming dog bed is all about cosiness and relaxation. Your dog will feel like it's surrounded by warmth, which is especially important during cold, lonely nights that cause anxiety. You can easily wash this bed in a dryer to keep it clean. It comes in four different colours and sizes ranging from small to extra-large.


  • Comfiest dog bed in the market.
  • Constructed from synthetic faux fur.
  • Comfortable donut shape.
  • Non-slip safety bottom.
  • Can remove and clean in a dryer.


  • Limited sizes.

#4: MFOX Donut Shape Calming Dog Bed

This MFOX Calming Dog Bed is one of the most desirable products of this type. It’s ultra-luxurious, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and amazingly effective for treating dog anxiety. The combination of lavish faux fur and PP fibre filling really does take the quality and feel of this bed to another level. It comes in seven different colours and sizes ranging from 60x40cm to 110x85cm, perfect for small to large dogs alike. 

The 20 cm raised rims give your dog a sense of security and reassurance. The bed is made from luxurious faux fur and durable nylon, alongsidefibrer filler that is comfy and breathable in equal amounts. The materials are 100% safe, self-warming, soft and inviting, and intrinsically comfortable.

Easily Washable Dog Calming Bed

The circular donut design allows your pet to curl up and get snug. It’s the best shape for this reason alone. This shape also gives your pet relief in terms of joint build-up and pressure. With solid support in the middle bottom base and on the sides, your pet will always feel secure and safe. 

The bed has no zipper or other metal parts, so you can easily scrunch it up and stuff it in your washing machine for cleaning purposes. This is a durable, reliable, and comfortable product that will help to alleviate dog anxiety.


  • Lavish faux fur lining.
  • PP fibre filling.
  • Several sizes.
  • Soft and self-warming materials.
  • Easily washable.
  • Seven different colors.


  • No drawbacks at all. 

What Are Dog Calming Beds?

Surely you’ve seen a dog calming bed before, no? They are also sometimes referred to as anti-anxiety dog calming beds. They come in all shapes, materials, styles, and sizes, but are predominantly comfortable pet beds that are known to have a relaxing effect. Not only that, but they’re specifically and ergonomically designed to be used to alleviate stress in dogs in conjunction with other medications and calming supplements if required.

Dr. Jennifer Frione, who’s an expert on dogs and works at the Lakeside Animal Hospital in Florida, USA, said that “A calming bed would be useful with very mild separation anxiety that shows minimal signs intermittently.”

The simple fact is that comfortable beds offer relief and a sense of security, which is an intrinsically calming thing. Before you buy calming beds UK for your anxious dog, let’s take look at what you need to consider before making a purchase.

What Should I Look for in a Dog Calming Bed? 

We would always recommend that you buy a dog calming bed that’s designed by a leading brand name. And if that’s not possible, we suggest that you buy from a reliable and local UK dog bed manufacturer. Not only is it good to support local business, but the UK laws regarding quality and safety controls are strict.

The most crucial components to a high-quality dog calming bed are materials, size, support, and shape. If you pay keen interest to these three factors, you won’t go far wrong. The pinnacle of calming beds is a self-heating model made from a smooth faux fur with high circular sides that offer thick padding and support. However, some beds might not have some of these features but are still more than adequate for your dog. Let’s take a deeper delve into the main components of a top-notch calming bed for dogs.

Where should a dog bed go in your home?

Dogs like a quiet place without too many disturbing noises or lights. So aim for a private quiet and warm spot, we have ours under the stairs.

Dog Anxiety Bed Materials

If you’ve done any kind of research on calming beds, you’ll already know that the vast majority are lined with faux fur. It’s one of the cosiest materials known to man. It self-heats and creates a warm, cosy, and snug space to aid relaxation. It makes dogs feel like they are not alone. Because dogs are pack animals, being by themselves causes stress. Faux fur makes dogs feel like they’re not alone and also recreates the memory of nestling against their mums as pups.

It’s important to remember that faux fur is not water-resistant or anti-bacterial, so you might want to purchase some extra waterproof lining if needed. 

Dog Calming Bed Shape & Support

There are three main calming bed shapes for the best comfort that all have a slightly different effect on your dog. All of them are circular and all have high sides. There’s donut-shaped, oval, and a nest-like bolstered shape. As long as it has deep cushions and high sides, these types of bed shapes have been shown to have a real tangible relaxing effect.

Always ensure that your chosen bed has plenty of support. Some beds tend to start dipping in the middle after a few month’s use. This is usually because most of the intention was focused on other calming qualities while forgetting padding quality. We suggest you buy the best calming bed with memory foam that has orthopedic qualities. Any pressure on the dog’s joints will be immediately alleviated.

Dog Calming Bed Size

Size is one of the most important things to consider. This will largely be driven by the size of your dog. If you’re looking to buy a donut shape bed, sometimes they seem slightly smaller than what you ordered. Always make sure you buy one size bigger when purchasing donut calming beds, just to be on the safe side. 

You can also take your dog’s preferred sleeping position into account when choosing the size. We suggest that you measure from your dog’s nose to the base of their tails to get a good idea of the maximum length of the bed.

Do Calming Beds for Dogs Work? 

Although there is no real scientific data on the subject, the short answer is yes, they do work. They have a measurable effect on the emotional state of your canine. So much so that they are often simply referred to as anti anxiety dog bed. Even the experts agree that dog calming beds do have some kind of positive effect on dogs. And if you get the chance to read calming bed product reviews from dog owners, you’ll already know they work well, even if the research hasn’t yet been collated. There’s no real money in researching this type of category for scientists, so don’t expect any sort of real evidence to pop up in the next few years.

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