Finding the Best Dog Bike Trailer UK 2022

Outward-bound pursuits and adventures with your dog are moments to remember for the rest of your life. To get the most from these moments, finding the best dog trailer for bike rides and journeys is a must. With dog trailers for bikes, your dog can travel where other dogs can’t. Like the Captain Kirk of the canine universe. And if your dog is sick or has problems with its manoeuvrability, these products are a Godsend. From my experience, all dogs love to get out for a daily or twice daily walk. Why deprive them as they get older or when you are getting your own bike exercise. Bring them along for the ride. If your dog is getting on in dog years, ask your professional dog walker to use a dog pushchair for part of the walk

But what makes up the best dog trailer products? What sort of things do you need to consider before purchasing a trailer product? We can help you find the best dog trailer for bike journeys and adventures. Just keep reading to learn more.

#1 PawHut Dog Trailer - Carrier

The Pawhut dog trailer is the perfect dog bike trailer for small to medium size dogs who struggle to walk and get about. You can easily attach it to your bicycle for long bike rides in the safest possible manner. This superior quality pet trailer comes highly recommended by dog lovers and merges affordability with longevity.

What’s in the Box

You get quite a lot for your money with this package. Inside the box, you’ll find a trailer, steel frames, Oxford fabric covers, and two wheels with reflectors. This model comes either in white or black and enjoys a lightweight design at only 14 kg with a 30 kg weight capacity, ideal for smaller dogs and pets. 

Dog Trailer Top Features

The solid steel pipe frame works perfectly with the waterproof Oxford cloth to create a very effective product. This safe and comfortable trailer with a 2-in-1 roll-up cover with zippers and front mesh and rear plastic screens gives your dog all the protection it needs. The front and back zipped door designs offer easy dual entry and exit. And the universal coupling connector ensures it is compatible with nearly all mountain bikes and bicycles. 

The 20” wheels allow smooth, flexible movements for a fun and enjoyable dog walking adventure. The wheels come with reflectors that improve the safety of this trailer, especially after nightfall.

This is one of the best dog bike trailers in the marketplace for smaller dogs and other pets. Durable, practical, inexpensive, and secure are just a few ways to describe this outstanding dog trailer bike. 

#2 Trixie Bicycle Dog Trailer

This medium-sized dog bicycle trailer is lightweight yet enjoys a solid metal frame that gives you total stability. Affordability and practicality are the hallmarks of this popular trailer model. And if you want to keep your pooch dry, safe, and comfy, this is a very desirable option.

What’s in the Box

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at what we get from our money. This package comes equipped with a 45 x 48 x 74 cm medium-sized Trixie dog trailer, wheels, a trailer hitch, a top net insert closable cover, and a rain protection cover. You can also choose between red or black versions.

Dog Trailer Top Features

This durable dig bicycle trailer is constructed from hard wearing and easy-care polyester, which is the perfect complement for the solid metal frame. The quick-fix wheel system allows for simple and rapid installation. The front and rear doors offer convenient access, while the net inserts create a safe space with good air circulation. And the extra wind and rain cover protection on the front door defends your dog against the elements.

The bicycle trailer has an integrated leash that stops your dog from jumping out. But the best feature is the foldable design that makes it easy to store or transport in your car. This product is ideally suited to medium-sized dogs that need help at walk time. It’s solid, lightweight, durable and practical. 

Support your old or sick dog today by purchasing this classy dog bike trailer. The steel frame construction means this trailer can support a weight of up to 30 kg, which is similar to a small or medium-sized dog or pet. It looks great, handles smoothly, and comes equipped with a stylish grey and green design.

What’s in the Box

You get quite a lot for your money when purchasing this dog bicycle trailer. Inside the box, you will find a medium-size trailer carriage, two 20” rear wheels, meshing, fabric covers, and wheel reflectors. There is also an instruction manual because you’ll need to assemble this trailer yourself.

PawHut Dog Trailer Features

This popular dog bicycle trailer product has a convenient folding design that makes it easy to store and transport. The metal framework is covered by waterproof Oxford cloth with mesh windows on either side that aid excellent airflow while offering total protection. The trailer has a zipped front door that allows easy access and security for your pet at all times. Health and safety are of utmost importance with the included flags and wheel reflectors. There’s also a D-ring on the leash to ensure your dog cannot jump out.

This spacious trailer is extremely solid and sturdy for such a lightweight product. It has a reputation as one of the best value-for-money dog bike trailers available in the marketplace. The durable steel frame, rain covers, and meshing all combine to make this an ultra-safe pet trailer. 

#4 PawHut 2-in-1 Dog Bike Trailer

This is one of the most unique dog bike trailers because it can be used for jogging and also attach to bicycles for bike rides. You can either push the trailer as you run or pull it from your mountain bike. You literally get the best of both worlds with this product. This market-leading pet stroller has two standard rear wheels, but also two 360-degree rotatable front wheels that give you loads of manoeuvrability. 

What’s in the Box

This trailer comes in either blue, green, or grey and has a total weight capacity of 30kg, which is ideal for small to medium dogs and a variety of other animals. Inside the box, you’ll find a metal-framed trailer, two standard 16” rear wheels, two 360-degree rotatable front wheels, a front and back rain cover, wheel reflectors, and red flags for safety. 

PawHut Dog Trailer Features

The main selling point is the dual 2-in-1 design that gives you both jogging and bike riding options. And the front swivel wheels give you more flexibility and control when turning corners or traversing off-road. The weather-resistant rain covers are made from Oxford cloth that gives your dog lots of protection, while the surrounding mesh casing offers great ventilation. The bottom of the cabin is also waterproof and is made from PVC materials that are comfortable and easy to clean.

When you need a versatile dog bike trailer for both jogging or bike riding, this PawHut model has few competitors.

What is a dog bike trailer?

Taking a dog walking with its legs has always been the definition of ‘walking the dog’, so why would you need dog trailers? Dogs are not ancient grandmothers that need carrying to the shopping center. So why would you do that with a dog? There are many reasons why you need a dog trailer for bike adventures and excursions.

Why do you need a dog trailer for bike journeys? 

Taking your Dog along

The simple answer is usually that you are an avid bike rider who wants to take your dog along for the journey. You feel guilty leaving your pet at home while you are enjoying outward-bound adventures on your mountain bike. And you should feel guilty too. Dogs love the outdoors, and shouldn’t be excluded from the fun just because you have a new-fangled bicycle. 

Safer dog walking option

Some dog owners allow their dogs to run at the side of their bicycles during bike rides. Sometimes they let their dogs run freely next to the bike or hold the leash at the same time. All of these methods are not so great for the dog. Using dog trailers for bike rides is a much safer way for your dog to join in on the fun.

Great option for older or sick dogs

If your dog is getting older or has issues that prevent them from walking properly, dog trailers are amazing. They give you the chance to give your dog a better quality of life and some fresh air. You do not want to leave your pet moping around the house feeling sorry for itself. And this is where a dog trailer product comes into its own.

Dog Trailers for Bike Rides Buyer’s Guide

Now we have discussed what a dog trailer is and why you would need to use one, let’s get down to business. What things do you need to consider when deciding which dog trailer you need? Check out these things you need to remember when buying a dog trailer for bike adventures with your pet.

Checking Installation Types

Always check the installation details of any potential dog trailer purchase you are considering. Some trailers come with lots of installation procedures that can be quite time-consuming and confusing. Also, make sure that your trailer is suitable for your bike, or you might have installation issues at the moment of attachment. You do not want to see those sad dog eyes when you leave to go bike riding alone.

Dog Trailer Weight Capacity

Do you have a heavy or light dog? Believe us when we say that this is something that matters. The weight capacity of your dog trailers should be directly linked to the size of your dog. Please check the manufacturer's details to find the weight capacity of your potential dog trailer purchases. And make sure you know the weight of your dog so you can make the correct choice.

Tires and Suspension

Two of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best dog trailer for bike rides is tires and suspension. You have the choice of either pneumatic tires or solid tires. ‘Pneumatic’ is just a fancy way to say tires filled with air. This will be a personal choice you have to make. Pneumatic tires are generally considered the best option because they are of better quality and provide more cushioning when compared to solid types.

In regards to suspension, do you want a smooth or bumpy ride for your dog? That’s a rhetorical question because we already know the answer. A dog trailer product with a better suspension will gift your dog with a smoother ride.

Collapsible and Foldable Designs

The convenience of storage and use is always important with any product. And especially with something as large and cumbersome as a dog trailer. There is a multitude of collapsible and foldable dog trailer designs that make them easy to store and transport to bike riding locations in your car.

Mesh Screens and/or Rain Covers?

There are a few different types of dog trailer cage designs. However, the two most popular options are mesh screens or rain covers. Don’t get it twisted, you can buy a trailer product that has both, but we want to quickly discuss their merits and benefits for your pet. 

Mesh screens are extremely important. They allow your dog to feel the fresh air of the outdoors while securely encased in the trailer. They can also protect your dog from bugs and mosquitos. 

Did you know that you can also purchase a waterproof rain cover for your dog trailer? When you are out bike riding, you simply cannot control the weather. The world does not stop to a grinding halt because it’s raining. A rain cover for dog trailers are additional plastic waterproof covers that you can attach when needed. Your dog will thank you later! Dog rain coats with legs are also readily available and will keep your dog dry, if it is still raining when you reach your destination.

Considering Dog Trailer Floor Materials 

Now we have discussed the designs, mesh screens, rain covers, and weight capacity, we also have to think about the flooring materials. What sort of material should be used for the floor of your dog trailer? The two main options are fabric floors and solid floors.

If you need a lightweight dog trailer, having fabric floors is the best option. Another advantage of fabric floors is that the design can be easily foldable. Solid floors, on the other hand, are more secure and offer greater support, which is ideal if you have a heavy dog. This choice is a personal preference. 

Is a Dog Trailer for Bike Rides Safe and Secure?

We are often asked about the safety of dog trailers for bikes. Dog trailers are safe as long as you use common sense. You need to ensure that you have securely attached the trailer to the bike, and then everything will be okay. To be fair, safety is one of the reasons we use dog trailers in the first place. We want to keep our pets safe during bike rides instead of letting them run alongside the bicycle. I tried this once and nearly had an accident when my dog decided it was time to relieve itself (exercise does that with dogs) and she just came to a sudden halt.

Most dog trailers have secure and encased cages. We have already discussed the merits of mesh screens and rain covers. You also need to ensure that your dog’s weight isn’t heavier than the dog trailer's weight capacity.

When considering the safety of your dog, you also need to think about the road quality along your bike riding route. If you are traversing along dirt roads, always think about the comfort of your dog. You don’t want your pet bouncing around in the back. In terms of dog trailer safety, you just have to be smart and practical.

The Best Dog Trailer Products

Dog trailers really do allow you to take your dog along on bike adventures and journeys. There is nothing better than sharing that experience with your ‘best friend’. You are now well informed to make the best-educated decisions.

Just remember that you need to know the weight of your dog and the trailer’s capacity. Think about the installation, tires and suspension, and the types of covers or flooring. Do you want mesh screens or rain covers? How about collapsible and foldable designs? There are so many things to consider when buying a product of this ilk.

Finding the best dog trailer for bike rides and adventures can cement the bond between you and your dog. You don’t want to leave them at home, especially if they are older or have walking issues.

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