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dog breeders insurance

What is dog breeding insurance?

Dog breeding insurance is a particular type of insurance package that meets the standard requirements of anyone that runs a dog or pet breeding service.  In other words the policy includes cover for areas that arr specific to dog breeders making it different to say dog walking insurance.

What are the benefits of dog breeding insurance? 

With a policy in place so the financial burden of a lawsuit is covered, the owner of a dog breeding business can conduct business as usual so the best possible pups are created from the pure breeds in their possession. With the risks involved in pregnancies, births, fertility issues,  diseases and death covered monetarily if something goes wrong and out of their control the dog breeder, they can relax knowing the financial burden of problems will be handled. Below we have listed the key areas normally contained within a dog breeding policy.

  • Veterinarian fees : Cover and treatment should one of your animals fall victim to an illness, injury or a disease.
  • Third party liability : Cover for legal fees resulting from your dogs in your care causing damage or injury to a third party.
  • Fertility tests : this is normally included, but check the policy for any exceptions or limits on payout. Fertility treatment can be expensive and may be an optional extra.  
  • Fading puppy syndrome : Once the pups are born the fading puppy syndrome and the cost associated with can be added to your policy.
  • Death Benefit : Should one of your top stud dog die prematurely 
  • Pregnancy and birth: If complications set in and a vet is needed these fees will be covered, again the level of cover is adjustable and cesarean costs are normally included.
  • Employers Liability It is both a legal and social responsibility to have protection in place for your employees.

A dog breeding insurance policy makes it possible for the dog breeder to maintain their professionalism while in business without the worries associated with the financial costs of problems that might occur. While negligence by the dog breeder or their employees is not covered in some policies, all other aspect are, that are out of their control of the dog breeder are provided with coverage against the financial cost of operating this type of business. This makes it easier to help create the best possible puppies on a continuous and constant basis that are healthy.

How much will dog breeding insurance cost?

This will vary from business to business. The underwriter will take into consideration many factors to arrive at a premium. Take for example the turnover of your business if it it is high the more likely your are to have an incident that will result in you have to make a claim. On the plus side  you may be a position to be able to take on a higher excess, the amount that you are liable for. In this event the broker will most likely reward you with a discounted price. Some factors such as your post code are also used to identify regions that have rates of crime, these postcodes will warrant a higher premium to cover additional risk to the underwriter.

  • Your annual turnover, cost of equipment and premises. 
  • The level of cover that you feel comfortable with.
  • If you employ any staff you must take out employers liability insurance
  • A good history of trading without many claims will help reduce costs