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What is dog breeding insurance?

Dog breeding insurance is a particular type of insurance that meets the standard requirements of anyone that runs a dog or pet breeding service.  The policy includes cover for areas that are specific to breeders making it different to dog walking insurance.

What are the benefits of dog breeding insurance? 

Like any insurance, having the correct insurance in place to cover any financial risk that you may face in running your breeding business. Managing the birth and care of multiple pets will keep you busy. You will always be on the lookout for behaviour that could indicate an illness or disease. The breeding insurance will enable you to take any necessary measures including medical fees to mitigate any loss due to illness.

dog breeding insurance

Common features of a good dog breeding insurance policy will include the following:

  • Veterinarian fees : Cover and treatment should one of your animals fall victim to an illness, injury or a disease.
  • Third party liability : Cover for legal fees resulting from your pets in your care causing damage or injury to a third party.
  • Fertility tests : this is normally included, but check the policy for any exceptions or limits on payout. Fertility treatment can be expensive and may be an optional extra.
  • Fading puppy syndrome : Once the pups are born, the fading puppy syndrome and the cost associated with can be added to your policy.
  • Death Benefit : Should one of your top stud die prematurely
  • Pregnancy and birth: If complications set in and a vet is needed these fees will be covered, again the level of cover is adjustable, and caesarean costs are normally included.
  • Employer's Liability It is both a legal and social responsibility to have protection in place for your employees.

When can a dog start breeding?

Any time after 2 years is good, as at this stage you or the vet would be aware of any issues that would sway you in favour of not continuing that particular bloodline.

The female or Dam must be receptive or  "in heat". This is fairly obvious as you will not small blood stains on any tiled flooring plus the genital region will be swollen. Introduce the male about 8 to 9 days into the female cycle.

How do I know if the breeding was a success

After a gestation period of about 56 days, you should start to notice that her mammary glands are filling with milk. Ensure she is kept healthy and consider adding extra supplements to her diet. The last 3 weeks, her appetite will increase in preparation for feeding her new litter.

At this stage you can take the mum to be to the local vet who can give you a good indication on the number of pups to expect by using ultrasound. 

Can I include cover for dog grooming

All policies can be tailored to your specific business needs. If you also provide other service for example dog grooming even a dog walking service these can be bundled together under one easy to manage policy.

How much will dog breeding insurance cost?

The cost of dog breeding insurance will depend on a number of factors, the size of business and level of required are two important factors, This will vary from business to business. The underwriter will take into consideration many factors to arrive at a premium. Take for example the turnover of your business, if it is high, the more likely you are to have an incident that will result in you have to make a claim. On the plus side,  you may be in position to take on a higher excess. The excess is the amount that you are liable for in the event of  claim. Taking on more liability should enable your broker to reward you with a discounted price. Some factors such as your post code are also used to identify regions that have higher rates of crime, these postcodes will warrant a higher premium to cover additional risk to the broker.

  • Your annual turnover, cost of equipment and premises.
  • Your annual turnover, cost of equipment and premises.
  • If you employ any staff, you must take out employer's liability insurance
  • A good history of trading without many claims will help reduce costs

Breeding animals is a rewarding experience, but hard work. Some people just breed their own pet to continue the bloodline, which normally translates into off spring with similar characteristics to your current pet. Others enter into breeding for monetary reasons. 

For whatever reason, take all necessary precautions and having dog breeding insurance in place will obviously reduce the inherent risk associated with the breeding of any animal.

Compare dog breeding insurance

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