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Dog Walker Insurance

What type of cover can be provided?

As a professional dog groomer you will be entrusted with other peoples prized pets and they expect their pet to be returned without any injury. However the nature of the business means that it is possible to cause minor injury as your grooming dogs. In addition other unforeseen accidents can occur. One possible example would be leaving the dog escaping from your premises and causing injury to itself or bystanders. Like dog walking insurance,  dog grooming insurance will protect your business review the list below and consider what you require to be included in your policy.

  • Public Liability This is very important should a canine you are walking bite a member of the public or cause damage to property.
  • Cover for dogs that have been left in your care This type of cover will protect you should you accidentally harm or lose a dog.
  • Key Cover Just in case you happen to lose the keys of one of your clients.
  • Employers Liability By law you must have this type of cover if you have employees, even if they are unpaid volunteers. This will protect you in the event that a claim is brought against you by one of your employees.

How much does dog grooming Insurance cost?

The cost does vary and is based on a number of factors, we have listed the key factors that will determine the cost of dog grooming insurance: 

  • The size of your dog grooming business measured in annual turnover 
  • You do have a choice on the level of cover required the more cover the more expensive
  • If you are a small business with staff you must take out employers liability insurance the costs will be to some extent  dependent on the number of employees.  The number of employees that you have.
  • How long you have been trading and your claims history.
  • Where you live, some areas are deemed higher risk than others. One example would areas with existing high crime rates. 

All insurance policies come with an excess. What is an excess? This is the amount that you are individually liable for if you make a claim. If  you need to reduce your insurance costs speak with your insurer about how increasing your liability will impact the annual of month;y payments.

What type of Insurance do I need for dog grooming ?

Dogs can be valuable and the prized position if its owner. Dogs can innocently also cause damage and injury whilst in your care.  As such it is important that you get you or your business a good level of cover. Below is a list of the insurance types that are normally included in a dog grooming policy, unlike dog walking additional cover is required for equipment( contents ) and also buildings cover if this is not already in place.

  • Equipment cover : This will cover all that expensive and specialist equipment required to provide a professional grooming service.
  • Public Liability Insurance: This is an important type of insurance and should in any good policy and it covers from claims from someone who is injured or their property damaged.
  • Care Custody & Control : If the dog is lost or injured your business is covered.
  • Non Negligence Cover :  Protection for the accidental injury to a dog in your care.
  • Key Cover: Locked out of your grooming business?  Including this option will protect from the normal costs associated with lose of keys.
  • Employer's Liability Insurance: Required by law if you have employees. 

Do you provide your service from a shop, a mobile van grooming service or work from home ?

Do you provide a mobile grooming service or operate from business premised or even home? If the answer is yes or even a mix  we can provide a selection of tailored quotes from a select panel of  UK brokers.

Dog Grooming tips

  • Start Early : A very useful note for owners, dogs should be introduced to grooming from an early age; this will create a familiar series of events for the animal. They will know what is expected of them over time and make the process seamless and pain-free for them.e.

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