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Dog Groomer Insurance UK

Like dog walking insurance,  UK dog grooming insurance will protect your business should a customer have reason make a claim against your grooming business

dog grooming insurance

It’s estimated that upwards of 60 % of dog groomers are not properly insured. Many professional groomers are just not aware that there are agencies out there that specialize in the pet grooming industry that can offer guidance when it comes to obtaining the proper insurance. The situation also exists that groomers think that they cannot afford coverage. Fact is, that many just do not know.

A good place for you to start your insurance education is to understand what liability insurance is. Liability will protect you against any harm or damages caused to others even if accidental. In the grooming profession, the term ‘others’ refers to both humans and pets. Liability will protect your assets; your business. If a groomer should cause any harm or damage to a pet or property, they could indeed be sued. The proper liability coverage will pay out to the injured party in the event of them making a claim. This simply means that if you do not have adequate insurance coverage in place, you could very well lose both your professional and personal assets if you are indeed sued.

As professional dog groomer, you will be dealing with moving animals, water, sharp tools, chemicals, and electricity. Combine all these factors and it’s clear to see that accidents can and do happen. No one ever plans on having an accident, but if one should occur, it is vital that you have liability insurance in place in order to protect your assets.

How do you know if you actually need Dog Groomer insurance? If you yourself have anything to lose, or the potential exists that you will ever have anything to lose, you absolutely need to purchase liability insurance. If you own or you are renting a grooming shop, making house calls, if you have a mobile business, or you operate as an independent contractor, you need Liability Insurance. There are several types of coverage that you should know about.

  • General Liability :   This is the main type of cover that will protect your business from any injury claims and damage to another’s property. An example of this would be if someone slips and falls while they are on your property and the result is that they are injured. If they are inured, general liability will cover it. Important to note – General Liability doesn’t cover animals. If you are a Dog Groomer, you must ask your provider for this specific type of cover
  • Professional Liability:   This type of insurance will protect you against accidents that might happen while you are working on someone's pet in a professional capacity. An example of this would be if you cut a dog while you are grooming it, or if it leaps off your work table and breaks one of its legs. 
  • Product Liability:   If you sell or you manufacture products, this type of cover protects you in the event that someone is injured as a result of using these products. An example here would be if someone purchases let's say some pet shampoo from you and their pet has a reaction to the product that is not good, this type of cover will help defray the cost of veterinary treatment.

Dog Grooming Tips

  • Tip 1 Start Early

A very useful note for owners, dogs should be introduced to grooming from an early age; this will create a familiar series of events for the animal. They will know what is expected of them over time and make the process seamless and pain-free for them.

Top 5 Most Popular UK Small  Breeds

Cocker Spaniel


French Bulldog


Pug breed




Border Collie


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