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  • Care, Custody and Control
  • dog daycare insurance
  • dog home boarding insurance
  • Custodial Responsibility
  • Employer's Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability insurance

Do I need dog sitting insurance ?

Pet sitting is a responsible job and owners would expect you as a professional to have insurance. Many things can happen, valuable items smashed, furniture scratched to give just two examples. As the pet sitter your are responsible for these damages as the pets are in your charge.  Dog sitting insurance can be provided to meet the needs of different business modes that include in-house sitting or if you provide a dog boarding service or a mixture of the aforementioned.

Dog sitting insurance is designed to cover you when you are looking after a pet either at the home of the owner or in your own home. Whether you actually own a pet sitting business, or simply do a little minding part-time, you will for sure want to consider having the proper insurance to protect you just in case anything should go wrong.

As a pet minder, an in-home pet boarder or animal minder you are always responsible for the safety of your guest animals and for their actions. You will not only need to care for precious pets and be responsible for the pets behavior in public, in addition you will also be responsible for a client’s home possessions and their house keys. The proper dog sitting insurance policy will provide cover for individuals that are running a pet boarding or pet sitting service.

Pet Sitting insurance will normally provide cover for the following:

The cost of dog grooming insurance will depend on each individual's requirements. However, on average, expect to pay GBP125 upwards for a good level of cover. The key factors that play a role in determining the costs of pet groomers insurance include the following:

  • How much does your pet sitting business turn over annually ?
  • How long have you been in the pet business?
  • The value of your tools that need covered.
  • Are you self employed or employ staff?
  • Is you pet sitting business full or part time?

Dog Sitting insurance  will normally provide cover for the following:

  • Public Liability : will cover for such things as a dog that you are walking nipping a member or other damage to property.
  • Care Custody and Control :  This type of cover will cover veterinary bills up to an agreed limit whilst also proving cover should you happen to lose a dog.
  • Key Cover : in the ever-growing market of dog minding, insurance for the loss or theft of keys is rapidly becoming increasingly popular. If you should you lose the keys to a client's property this benefit covers the cost of replacement keys and locks.
  • Employers Liability  : This is mandatory if you employ staff of any kind paid, unpaid, full or part time.
  • Professional indemnity : This is a protection that will cover you should damages occur as a result of being negligent in your service or advice

How much will dog sitting insurance cost?

This will be dependent on a number of factors that are used to access your risk of making a claim or claims. Having built up a good history of no claims will put you in a favorable position. However, if you are a start up business this will not help as you have no proven no claims history. Whilst you need to insure you have a good level of dog sitting insurance be careful not to over insure. Over insurance is when you include things in your policy that you will never need, the opposite, under insurance is when gaps exist in your policy.  If in doubt of what you need, take advice from your broker. Some of the key elements that go into making a good dog sitting insurance policy include:

  • Your annual turnover which is related to business size.
  • How much cover do you need, can you increase the excess and thus reduce the premium?
  • Do you have staff?
  • You trading and claims history.
  • Where in the UK you are based or post code 
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