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Dog Sitter Insurance

Dog siting insurance will protect you or your pet sitter business should a customer have reason make a claim against your grooming business

If you provide a sitting service in other people’s homes, that’s a great responsibility. Numerous folks are looking for someone who takes their job professionally and can treat their dog and home with great care.

Dog sitting cover is designed to cover you when you are looking after a canines either at the home of the owner or when you are in your own home.

Whether you actually own a canine sitting business, or simply do a little minding part-time, you will for sure want to consider having the proper insurance to protect you just in case anything should go wrong.

As a pet minder, an in-home pet boarder or Animal Minder you are always responsible for the safety of your guest animals and for their actions whilst you have them in your care.

You will not only need to care for people precious pets and be responsible for their pet’s behavior in public, in addition you will also need be responsible for a client’s home possessions and their house keys. The proper Business Insurance will provide specialized pet sitting insurance for individuals that are running pet boarding, minding and pet sitting services across the UK. So yes, you can even take on a kitty cat once in a while if you feel frisky.

What exact insurance do I need ?

Dog sitting insurance

Canine sitting is a responsible job, and many owners will appreciate a sitter who has taken the time to obtain specialist insurance. Dog sitting insurance will provide peace of mind for both your customers and you. If the animal that you are in charge of  injures someone or they cause damage, claims often run into tens of thousands of pounds so getting insurance is the wise thing to do.

Top 5 Most Popular UK Small  Breeds

Cocker Spaniel


French Bulldog


Pug breed




Border Collie


Canine Minding Insurance is typically made up of the following components:

Pet business Liability insurance :

Unlike regular pet insurance, it’s a legal requirement in the UK to have liability insurance in place if you do indeed run a pet business. Employers' Liability will protect your liability for any staff or volunteers that you may employ should they be injured while at work and you are held liable.

Public (or Third Party) Liability will provide protection should a member of the public be injured or their property is damaged by an animal that is in your care. There is also the option of Custodial Responsibility. This will help in case a  is lost or injured while they are staying with you and you are held responsible.

So, even if your business is simply just pet sitting or dog walking insurance is critical to ensure you and your business are covered and all animals in your care get the absolute best possible service.

Property Damage insurance :  

If you work from an actual business premises, for example you run a boarding kennel or a grooming salon, you should seriously consider specialist insurance which include cover for your premises and equipment. Certain pet business insurance products also include cover for pet food, stock, and even money.

Loss or Theft of Keys insurance

In the ever-growing market of canine minding insurance for the loss or theft of keys is rapidly becoming increasingly popular. If you should you lose the keys to a client's property this benefit covers the cost of replacement keys and locks.

Compare Cost of Canine Walker Insurance from multiple UK Brokers

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