Dog Tags UK - Funny & Personalised ID Name Tags

Dog owners in the UK already know that dog name tags are not just important, but also a legal requirement. Any dog in a public place in the UK must wear a collar with name tags that include the engraved name and address of the owner, although the telephone number is optional. We have partnered with QuoteZone who specialise in providing UK dog walker insurance comparative quotes and related products and services.

Standard dog tags are quite boring in terms of aesthetics. But did you know you can buy many styles of dog tags and even customise the design and the engraving styles? That’s right, there’s more to this dog tag malarkey than meets the eye. Just like A dog tag can be a fashion accessory to your dog's waterproof winter dog coat with legs. Check out our best dog tag UK guide to finding out everything you need to know.

Personalized & Customized UK Dog Tags

Did you know there are approximately 900 million dogs in the world and roughly 400 million cats? Startling stats, right? In this day and age, you can buy some amazing personalized or customized tags. There is no better way to secure your dog’s position as a loyal family member than giving it customized dog tags. Although it would probably prefer some juicy steak instead. Looking after our dogs is everything in life!

Engraved Dog Tags

If you are in the process of buying dog tags for your pet, make sure you choose the engraved type. Dog tags that utilize quality metal engraving using state-of-the-art laser engravers are the only way to go. You need a permanent and affordable way to ensure the information on your dog tags is readable. Engraving can fade over a long period, but it’s the best strategy to take. Although many use aluminium tags, which are more than acceptable, you are better off using stainless steel tags if you want the most reliable engraving.

What are Customized Dog Tags?

Customised dog tags allow you to add extra engraved information to the tag. Although most dog tags in the UK have only the name and address of the owner, it’s always important to provide as much info as possible. Especially with the alarming rise in dog thefts we are currently seeing in the UK. 

As part of your customisation, we would recommend that you add your dog’s name, your phone number, your city/area, any medical issues if needed, or even a personal message. If you’ve already microchipped your dog, you might want to mention that on your customized dog tag. Any kind of information that will result in your dog being identified is a good thing. So please use your customisation options to safeguard your dog’s security.

What are Personalized Dog Tags?

Personalised dog tags are also something you need to consider. Aren’t customized dog tags the same as personalised ones? Kind of, but not exactly. Personalised dog tags are different styles of tags that come in many varying designs. You’d be surprised how many styles of tag are available to buy today. Here are some of our most favourite personalised dog tag styles.

Blank Personalized Dog Tags

If you want a real personal dog tag design that means something to you and your pet, you can buy numerous blank dog tags. These will come in all manner of shapes such as a heart, circle, or even a bone shape. A photo image of your dog or you, or you and your dog together can be superimposed on the blank tag. There is nothing more personal and lovely than this type of design.

Funny and Amusing Dog Tags

You can also find many funny and amusing personalized dog tags that will bring a smile to your face. Some of the best tag designs have funny jokes or anecdotes such as ‘Hello, my name is Oscar the dog.” You can buy these types of tags with funny phrases or even personalize the phrases to fit your dog.

You can even merge a photo of your dog with a funny personal phrase and have them printed onto a personalized tag. There is no limit when it comes to the personalization and customization of your dog’s tags. Get creative and funny with it. 

Branded and Disney Dog Tags

You can even buy branded styles like Disney-themed dog tags. There are loads of Disney dog tags with pictures of the Lady & the Tramp and other dog-related characters. You can find personalized dog tags for many world-famous brands such as Ferrari, Nike, and lots of well-known names. If there is a brand name you love, there is a good chance there is a related dog tag design.

Superhero Dog Tags

We don’t have to be embarrassed as an adult any more for liking superheroes and other Marvel and DC characters. Actually, in today’s world, superheroes are quite cool for adults and kids alike. You can get superhero dog tags of all types. From Iron Man and Superman to loads of X-men characters and everything in between. 

What are the Best Dog Tag Materials?

Dog tags are largely made from different types of metal, although there are some other non-metal options. Here is a list of the most commonly used materials for dog name tags.

Aluminium – The best lightweight material used in dog tags is aluminium. It’s inexpensive, a little flexible, and very pliable for engravers. You will find the largest selection of dog tags with the most colours made from aluminium. This is also the best material for reading your engravings.

Brass – This is one of the strongest and most durable materials for making dog tags. It might not have the flexibility of aluminium, but it will last longer. You might not be able to find the best choice of tags in this material, but don’t worry, because brass dog tags are some of the most reliable money can buy. 

Stainless Steel – This is a very popular choice because of its durability. You won’t get lots of choice in terms of shapes and sizes, but you buy dog tags with this material because you want longevity… not superman. These stainless steel tags can take a lot of wear and tear, which means they will save you money in the long term.

Non-Metal – There are a few non-metal dog tag substitutes, but the durability will be suspect. You can never be sure how long non-metallic dog tags will last. You don’t want to take any risks with dog tag breakages because of inferior products. 

We would highly recommend that you choose aluminium dog tags because they come in so different shapes and sizes. However, if you are looking for durability, brass or stainless steel are a viable option. We would also recommend that you keep away from non-metallic tags for quality and durability reasons.

Popular Dog Name Tag Types

Now we have researched the varying dog tag materials and the types of customized and personalized products, we need to cover one more thing. What are the most popular dog tag types? Check out this list to find out more details.

Hanging Metal Dog Tags

These types of handing metal dog tags are the most popular. These come in a range of colours and lots of different styles. How long these types of tags last depend on the metal you use. We strongly recommend aluminium.

Slide On Dog Tags

If you don’t like those loose and hanging metal tags, you might want to purchase a ‘Slide On’ variety. Slide On tags, as the name suggests, can be used to slide onto a dog collar. This makes them more secure, especially if your dog is adventurous and boisterous and likes to jump about and play.

GPS-Enabled Dog Tags

We live in a brave new technological world folks, and the innovation doesn’t end with dog tags. You can now buy digital dog tags that can be worn like metal tags. However, they can contain more details because of their digital nature. The information is stored and accessed via a QR code that is located on the tag. This can be scanned by mobile phones and other digital devices. Sometimes your dog escapes, if you leave the gate open or when dog walking it breaks free, with GPS no need to panic as you will be able to easily locate the pooch.  If you use the service of a professional dog walker make sure they have dog walker insurance.

Buying the Best Dog Tags UK

There are so many options for dog name tag products, but you have to know what you are looking for. They come in all shapes and colours and different styles. You can buy fashionable tags, funny and amusing tags, blank tags, branded tags, and many more. You can purchase metal tags made from aluminium, brass, and stainless steel. Furthermore, you can even opt for digital tags that have GPS tracking systems.

But please make sure you add your name and address, telephone number, and other details to the tags regardless of the styles and materials. Your dog’s life could depend on it. 

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