Doggy Daycare For Your Dog 

Doggy day centres are sprouting up all over the UK to fill the demand, make sure that you choose one that has proper do dog walking insurance with public liability in place.  A dog can be a man’s best friend. They are valuable companions and cherished pets that you take care of as you would look after your child. However, if you are away from your pet for most of the day and are concerned about their safety and well-being, you may be looking for useful solutions to ensure that your dog is well taken care of in your absence.  All dogs need regular exercise, particularly the lager breeds, dog walking and also swimming are easy ways to keep your dog fit and trim. If you have a busy work schedule, check out the local dog walker prices in your area, more affordable than you may initially think.

Doggy daycare can be a useful solution for many pet owners. In this article, we will look at reasons why you would need a doggy daycare for your beloved pet and what to look for in daycare when picking one.

What is Doggy Daycare?

Similar to a children’s daycare, you hand over your dog to the staff at the doggy daycare, who takes care of its needs, while you are away for any reason. They will ensure proper supervision of your dog. In addition, your pet will also get companionship and playtime with other doggos. This is particularly helpful for dogs that crave company and do not want to be left alone.

The staff at a well-maintained daycare is usually trained in supervising and managing dogs and can be trusted to carry out grooming and bathing and even training of the dog. If required, they can administer medicines and provide specific food as well.

Why do I Need a Daycare For my Dog?

For some, dog walkers are an ideal solution, especially if the dog is comfortable staying indoors all day and just needs to go out for a little exercise or relieve itself. However, if your dog needs more frequent attention and more breaks, a dog walker will not fulfil the requirement as they would only be around for a limited time. Dog walker prices will depend to some extent on where you live in the UK and also if dog will be walked solo. 

As a working parent, this may certainly present a dilemma. In such an instance, doggy daycare can fix the problem and keep your dog while you are away. If your dog is fond of companionship, putting it in daycare is the best solution indeed.

Are dog daycares worth it?

Doggy day car does come at a price, and you must decide if you afford it. If you can, it will be worth knowing that your dog is being carded for and stimulated when you are at work, It may be a case of just sending your dog to day care 1 or 2 days a week, enough to keep it happy. To get the best benefits it is important to do your homework and select a service that provides quality care and a dog web cam so that you check in and see your dog having fun. 

How to Choose The Right Doggy Daycare

When it comes to choosing the right doggy daycare, several factors come into play. Let’s have a look at these factors:


The first consideration should be the location of the daycare. You must pick a facility that is in the proximity of your home or office or isn’t too far away that picking or dropping becomes inconvenient. While other factors are important, but if the vicinity is not at a convenient distance, and you need to drop your pet on a daily or even frequent basis, you must choose one that is in a reasonable range.


The daycare should also rate high on the cleanliness grid. As a pet owner, you surely realize how important it is to keep your pet clean and free from any kind of infestations or unhygienic surroundings.


The daycare should also rate high on the cleanliness grid. As a pet owner, you surely realize how important it is to keep your pet clean and free from any kind of infestations or unhygienic surroundings.

Live Webcam

Check if the provider has a web cam installed so that you can check to see your dog and make sure it is happy  and having dog fun.


This is another important aspect, as you would only have peace of mind when you know that your dog is in safe hands. The facility must be well surrounded and protected so that no unrelated outsiders are allowed to interact with the pets.

Staff Friendliness and Qualification

Observe whether the staff at the facility is friendly or not. It plays an important role because if your dog feels like it is in a hostile environment, it will not feel comfortable.

In addition to the attitude of the staff, you may also want to look at the staff qualification. Ideally, the staff should be qualified and trained in dog caregiving and management. If the management has some sort of certification in care taking, grooming, and training, that is an added plus.

Well Organised

It is also important to ensure that the big and small dogs are kept separately. If not, this may pose a problem, as the bigger ones might continue to hassle the smaller ones.

Condition of Facility

You may also want to look at the dog-to-staff ratio and the amount of space in the facility. If there are only a few caregivers in the facility and too many dogs, chances are your dog may not be getting the requisite attention and care. In addition, it is also important that the facility has enough space for the dogs to get a bit of physical activity. It is particularly critical if your pet is going to be spending a large part of the day in that facility.

How do I Pick The Right Doggy Daycare Near me?

You may come across a number of doggy daycares in your vicinity. Some may be in-home daycares, or some may be elaborate facilities with a wide setup. When choosing a daycare for your dog, you need to consider the points we have mentioned above. In addition, you also need to assess what options suit you and fulfil your criteria.

If your dog does not like large groups and prefers one-to-one attention, you may want to look for an in-house daycare with a dedicated sitter for your dog. Alternatively, if your dog thrives in social settings and loves to play and have company, large facilities with good outdoor space are ideal.

A search on the internet will give you a variety of options of doggy daycares to choose from. You may also ask your friends and neighbours for reviews and make a well-informed decision to pick a daycare that is rightly suited for your dog.

How much roughly is Doggy daycare?

The price for doggy daycare varies throughout the UK and NI. The main determining factor is where you live, with inner London being the most expensive. In inner London expect to pay £30.00 - 40.00, some services will include free pick up and also free walks as part of  doggy daycare package. The price will be cheaper for puppies. Before applying, you will need proof that your dog is fully vaccinated. Dogs are expected to be toilet trained, allowances are normally made for small pups. Outside London,  doggy care prices can range from  £15.00 - 20.00 per day or less for half day.

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