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Harringtons dog food review

In this Harringtons dog food review is just who this company is and what it liked by the public for use with their dogs. This family operated company has its roots in the milling of food beginning in the late 19th century that progressed to the manufacturing of animal feed. By the 1980’s they started to concentrate on dry dog feed. This is a proud UK based and manufacturing company.

All of the feed Harringtons produces have vitamins added, including are A, D3 and E along with the minerals Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iodine and Selenium. The feeds also contain both Omega 6 and 3 to help keep the skin and coat of dogs shiny and healthy. Other helpful natural food sources include seaweed, beet pulp, linseed oil along with prebiotic FOS to assist in maintaining your dog with a healthy digestive system.

All feeds are made with natural ingredients and have no artificial flavours or colourants added. They also do not contain any dairy products, soy or wheat.

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The high quality ingredients used in all the feeds make it easy to digest by most dogs and the makeup is designed to help keep dogs healthy. With the main ingredients being meat or fish, dogs seem to enjoy eating this protein based feed and have plenty of energy while looking healthy and happy.

Harringtons Turkey and Veg is the most popular of all the Harrington dog food brands.

The Rich in Lamb and Rice is one of the more popular blends and was created for all dogs 8 weeks or older. The main ingredient is meat at 26% where the largest percentage is lamb, but also conations chicken. The second largest ingredient is rice at 20% along with maize, barley and beet pulp.

The Rich in Salmon and Potato is another option to feed your dog who should be 8 weeks or older. This feed is made up of 26% salmon and other protein sources which includes chicken. The second largest ingredient like the name implies, are potatoes at 14%. Grains added include both rice and barley along with beet pulp.

As the name implies the Puppy Complete Rich in Turkey and Rice Dry is designed to be fed to any dog over the age of 3 weeks and under the age of 1 year. This feed has 26% turkey as its main protein source, but also includes some chicken and Maize for protein. The second largest ingredient is rice at 20% and also has oats and maize and the digestive helper of beet pulp.

These three dog feeds from Harringtons are very popular with both dog owners and their pets. They are general feeds that can be given to any breed of dog with good results in terms of healthy and happy canines with solid stools being produced. With all the ingredients being natural with no artificial additives or colourants, all of these feed is the natural choice for the dog owner that cares about their pet.

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