How Much Do Dog Walkers Charge 

Last Updated Eamonn Turley 13th August 2022

If you love your dog but are currently struggling to set aside time for daily walks, did you think of using the services of a local dog walker? That’s right, folks, professional dog walking is actually a thing. And if you’ve been sick or having to work extra-long hours, this could be the solution for you and your canine’s problems. Dog walkers are in big demand, professional  dog walkers will have dog walker insurance and may have qualifications on dog handling. If you are thinking of setting a dog walking business, find out how to become a dog walker in the UK.  

But what can you expect from a dog walker? What services do they provide? How much does a dog walker cost? Let’s find out everything there is to know about dog walking services and what service to expect.

Dog Walking Cost - Price Per Hour

This might be the obvious place to start, but the length and duration of the dog walk will impact the price. Dog Walking stats from 2020 and 2021 show that the average dog walk duration was between 45 and 60 minutes. Dog walkers charge by time, so this will heavily impact price.

The age, breed, and activity level of your dog will also be a contributing factor to the time length. For instance, if you have a puppy, the dog walking time might only be 15 minutes per day. But if you have a large and strong dog, it could be closer to an hour. These are all factors you need to take into consideration.

Poll : How much is a dog walker per hour

Location30 Minute WalkExtra dog
London Central £15Add 40%
London Outer £12Add 40%
Midlands £7Add 40%
South £7Add 40%
North £16Add 40%

Does Location Affect Dog Walking Cost?

Where you and your dog are located will also impact dog walking costs. Research shows that if you live in a major city like London, dog walking costs are higher. The price will largely depend on the average regional wages. So, if you are from a lower salary area, dog walking costs might be lower. For example, the cost of dog walking will be higher in most southern parts of England in comparison to the Midlands and north.

Number of Dogs

Generally speaking, if you have more than one dog, the price will increase for dog walking services. More dogs equal more hassle, equals more costs. Dog walkers usually charge for one dog and then charge additional prices per extra dog. But if you have a few canines that need walking at the same time, there is a chance you could barter some kind of discount.

Extra Dog Walking Costs

Now we’ve already covered the dog walking basics such as location, the duration of the walk, and how the number of dogs affects pricing, we need to discuss the possibility of extra fees.

Did you know that the time of day can affect the cost? Evening walks are generally more expensive than daytime walks. And even the day of the week can have a massive knock-on effect on pricing. Weekday dog walks are less expensive than weekend walks. There is a good chance that dog walking rates will rapidly increase on bank holidays and other national holidays, especially around Christmas and New Year.

Other additional costs could include feeding your dogs during the walk or even administering medication. If you have a puppy, dog walkers can be paid to spend extra time with your pup after walks. In some cases, dog walkers might not charge extra prices for these types of add-ons. It depends on your relationship with your pro dog walker, which brings us neatly around to loyalty packages.

Rough comparison table of average dog walking prices based on UK Location

Take a moment to provide some feedback on how much you pay for a dog walker. We understand the price will vary depending on your location, but the poll results should act as a guide to how much is a dog walker on average.

Average dog walking price UK

The average dog walking price in the UK, based on the above poll, lies in the range of £10 to £15 per hour.

Long-Term Dog Walking Loyalty Packages 

Dog walking isn’t usually a one-day thing. If you are suffering from long-term illness or are busy at work for the foreseeable future, you might need long-term dog walking services. And if so, you need to find out more info about long-term dog walking loyalty packages. Professional dog walking companies, or even individual dog walkers, will offer you a discounted deal for a long-term contract.

Dog walking isn’t usually a one-day thing. If you are suffering from long-term illness or are busy at work for the foreseeable future, you might need long-term dog walking services. And if so, you need to find out more info about long-term dog walking loyalty packages. Professional dog walking companies, or even individual dog walkers, will offer you a discounted deal for a long-term contract.

Some companies even offer a discount for signing a monthly membership or subscription with them. You can even purchase bundle packages upfront that offer certain amounts of dog walking hours per month. The companies get guaranteed work, while you get a cheaper overall price. Over the course of a year or even six months, you can make massive savings by taking this long-term route.

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Questions to Ask Your Dog Walkers

If you are seriously considering professional dog walking services, there are some questions you will need to ask. Here are the 5 best questions you need to ask potential dog walkers.

Do you Have Dog Walking Insurance Policies?

Always ask the dog walking company about the insurance plan they have. Is the cost inclusive in your monthly price, or is it extra? What does the dog walking insurance cover in the case of all eventualities? This is an important question to ask.

Are You a Highly Recommended Dog Walker?

Does the company or individual dog walker have references? Do they come highly recommended? And do they have any honest reviews from former customers? You don’t want to take chances where your dog’s safety is concerned.

Do they Have Backup Contingency Plans?

The dog walking company should have contingency plans in place if your usual dog walker is ill or on holiday? Do they have other staff that can take over the duties while they are away? They should have employees on stand-by for these types of unforeseen circumstances. 

Have you a certificate or qualifications related to dog training or dog walking

Dog walkers can earn a  decent salary in the UK, and they should invest some income in self-training. Ask perspective dog walkers how they became a dog walker? What training they have undertaken before or after they started providing a local dog walking service. 

Where Will They Walk Your Dog?

Always ask where they are taking your dog for walks. For some dogs, a simple walk on a field isn’t that stimulating. If you have an old dog, hilly walks should be out of the question. Know where your dog is being taken for a walk.

Some more specific questions that you could ask

The Kennel club has complied advice, tips and guidance on dog walking in the countryside. From this you could give an applicant a quick quiz. Example what should you do if an animal chases you and the dog whilst the dog is on a leash?

If they use a van is it insured for purpose? 

Many dog walkers use a van to bring the dog or dogs to the desired walking location.  Check if they have commercial van insurance and also does the dog walker provide a dog car ramp for safe egress and ingress.

Do they provide professional equipment?

Does the walker provide GPS dog tracking. For example, should the dog break free and run off. If they are in an area with water that the dog can be unleashed, will they provide a dog life jacket. Are they well equipped with essential dog walking gear, from a basic good dog walking bag to waterproof dog walking coats to keep your dog dry should an unexpected rainstorm happen?

If your dog is old can the dog be walked and strolled part way 

This is only applicable if your dog is getting on in years or has bone problems or recent injury. Even though your dog is old it will still love to get out and about even if part of the outdoor trip is in a dog pram.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

How much does a dog walker cost? It all depends on the region you live in, the local average wage structure, how many dogs you need walking, and the duration of the walk. You can get discounts if you take advantage of loyalty programs and long-term dog walking contracts. Remember to keep your dog healthy and trim, with regular exercise daily walks or a run in the park is essential.  

The cost is also dramatically affected by the day and time of the week. If your dog needs walking over a bank holiday or national holidays, it will cost more. But if you don’t have the time or health to walk your dog daily, utilising the services of a dog walking company is a godsend for your canine. 

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