July 6, 2019

Kennel Club Insurance Review

With Kennel Club Insurance your dog can have one of the best life and health insurance policies available for any canine. Their policies are underwritten by Agria Pet Insurance LTD who have been in the business of covering canines in the UK for 125 years.

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What types of policies doe the Kennel Club Insurance offer?

There are lifetime, 12 month time limited, per condition coverage and accidental policies being offered at this time.

As the names indicate the policy for lifetime covers the entire life of the dog and protection for the owner in case the dog becomes ill, dies or is injured in an accident.

The 12 month time limited only pays out for a 12 month period. After that no more claims are accepted.

Per condition is coverage for each medical condition your dog is diagnosed with. Each type of condition has a monetary limit to its coverage.

Accident only policy will cover the veterinarian bills if your dog is injured in an accident. There is no coverage if your dog become ill or sick.

What are the benefits of the lifetime kennel club insurance policy?

The lifetime policy has two different levels including the standard and the plus which provides additional financial coverage.

  • Veterinary fees are covered annual up to £7,500 and for plus coverage up to £15,000.
  • When your dog is lost or stolen we cover the advertising costs and reward of up to £1,000 and £1,500 for plus.
  • Your third party liability coverage just in case your dogs damages property is up to £2,000,000 and £3,000,000 for plus.
  • Lifetime and lifetime plus offers travel expenses of up to £300 if your veterinarian refers you to another vet. 
  • Free access for both levels to Pet24 Tag which helps to recover your pet if it is lost or stolen.

What are the optional coverage areas with the lifetime policy?

Additional coverage can be purchased to cover the cost if your dog dies or is stolen of up to £2,500. Boarding fees up to £2,000 if the family is hospitalized and holiday cancelation costs are also recoverable up to £3,000 if your dog requires life saving surgery. There is also breeding risk coverage and overseas travel coverage.

Dog Walking Insurance

In addition to providing pet insurance the kennel club offers also offers dog breeding insurance as a separate product. At the moment they do not offer a separate policy for dog walker insurance, but that may come in the near future as demand grows.

In conclusion

The Kennel Club Insurance for dogs covers all possibilities of events that affects its health and wellbeing so you are not burdened with the full cost of assistance in your time of need. The Kennel Club has been around for 125 years and are specialists in dog insurance. Best of all you get to choose your veterinarian.


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