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Having a pet business insurance is not always required by UK law depending on the services you are providing, but it is highly advisable. Owning a business that services, pets for their owners, you will be dealing with the public. When dealing with the public, the minimal level of insurance to protect yourself and your business is public liability insurance. Pet business insurance can provide dog walking insurance and dog groomers insurance. We can provide you with multiple quotes for all types of pet business models.

What is included in a pet business insurance policy?

pet business insurance

While every type of pet service is different from pet sitters, walkers and groomers there are sections that are exclusive to each one and some that should be part of every policy.

  • General liability coverage is protection just in case damage occurs to the pet, the owner or property that belongs to a third party that you would be legally obligated to reimburse. This coverage can be for up to £2,000,000.
  • Product liability coverage is protection when a product you used on a pet and injures the pet. This coverage can be for up to £2,000,000
  • Medical expenses coverage just in case of an injury to a pet owner while on your property. This coverage can be for up to £5,000
  • Pet Bailee protection is coverage just in case a pet in injured, stolen, lost, bitten by another animal or killed while under your care. This coverage can be for up to £15,000.
  • Veterinary expense reimbursement help to recover the cost of the vet’s bills when an animal has to be medically treated while under your care. This coverage can be for up to £5,000.List Element
  • Premises damage protection is coverage just in case of a fire or other event that damages the building your business is located in. This coverage can be for up to £100,000.
  • Lost key protection just in case you lose or misplace the keys to a home of a client. This coverage can be for up to £2,000
  • The excess is on average £500 per claim

Are there any add-ons that can be put on the policy?

  • Protection against any damage done to a clients home or personal property. This coverage can be for up to £25,000
  • Daycare and boarding of a pet must be listed on the policy so it will be covered under the general liability protection. This generally will raise the premium slightly.

Operating a pet related business is no longer child’s play like in the past where a neighbor’s kid might walk your dog. When operating a business without the proper insurance can lead to you becoming financially liable for any damages or problems that might occur while the pet or their owner are on your premises or under your care.

Dog walkers and pet sitters might think their job is easy, but without the proper pet business insurance, you business could be forced to close due to you becoming financially burdened with debt. Start comparing the costs of per business insuarnce by selecting the get quotes button below.

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