Portable Dog Showers Guide

If you are a lover of pets, especially dogs, you know that they love the mud roll and will occasionally trail back in the house looking dirty and muddy. Your big problem here is washing and keeping your dog clean. Fixing your problem can be as enjoyable as having the best quality dog shower with you. A waterproof dog raincoat with legs will also help reduce the amount of cleaning needed at the end of the walk. Make sure to choose a coat that has an opening for easy attachment of your retractable dog lead or dog leash.

Luckily, we got some of the best portable dog showers to solve your dirty dog problem. It's a safe and convenient way of cleaning your dog while giving your pet the luxury of play. This comprehensive guide gives you some of the best portable dog washers and what you need to consider to make an informed decision. Let's delve deeper. 

What is a Portable Dog Washer? 

Unlike stationary dog wash stations, a portable dog washer is a mobile hand-held device that cleans your canine from anywhere. Thanks to its mobility, it also gives you the privilege of reaching the hidden parts of your dog's body. What's more, you can clean your dog in far less time using less water. 

Using a Portable Dog Washer

Suppose you have been using a traditional dog wash station; you may be wondering how to navigate to a portable one. We got you covered on a mobile dog shower functionality. Portable dog showers vary in their setup. How to use them will depend on the type of appliance in use.

There are dog showers designed to produce water from one end, while some come with multiple valves. However, a standard functionality is using a lever to open to get the water flowing. That being said, some dog shower systems require you to tilt them before water can flow. Overall, portable dog shower systems aren't similar, and it all boils down to ease of use and preference.

It's also important to highlight that portable dog showers require maintenance like any other machine. After purchase, have a look at the dog shower kit to get information on its routine maintenance. 

Best Portable Dog Showers 

Without much ado, let's have a look at the best portable dog showers you could purchase to give your canine a memorable birth experience. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Portable Dog Shower 

1. Portability 

Portability is of the essence, depending on where you wash your dogs. If you wash them from home after a day of play, then it should be a non-issue. However, if you intend to clean your dog before getting it back to the car, you need to consider its ease of portability. Some factors you want to look at are dog shower carrying capacity and whether it comes with straps for easy carrying on your back. 

2. Insulation  

Insulation is a pivotal factor to consider when purchasing a portable dog shower. Suppose you are on the move; you want your hot water to remain hot by the time you decide to clean your dog. Most portable dog showers do not insulate heat. However, a simple trick would be to wrap a towel around the water tank to preserve the heat. 

3. Ease of Use 

Overall, most portable dog washes aren't challenging to use. However, you need to consider whether you want to pump the water manually or go for a battery-powered option. Besides, some alternatives lack an on/off lock which makes operating it with two hands difficult.

There are two options you should critically assess. One is whether you need a constant flow of water or controlling the water supply from the shower head. Most dog showers also require manual assembling, something you should be set up for.

4. Accessories 

Some portable dog showers come with attachments and accessories, while others lack them. You want to consider the functionality of these attachments or accessories vis-a-vis portability. Some portable dog showers come with a cleaning brush that helps remove dirt from your dog's fur, paws and pad.

There is also one that comes with at least two attachments, such as a hanging hook and a carry bag. Think about whether you will need these attachments, especially for an outdoor dog wash station. 

5. Water pressure and Usage 

Portable dog showers won't give you the pressure quality of a power shower when it comes to water pressure. Their water pressure ability is highly dependent on your manual pumping ability to generate the internal pressure. Consider whether you want to manually pump your portable dog washer or go for a battery-powered pump that is better performing.

Regarding water usage, you need to go for a dog washer product that best meets your needs to avoid water usage. Be keen on the on/off controls, which help to regulate the flow of water. Also, consider the tank capacity and buy a tank size that aligns well with your dog washing needs. 

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