Puppy Socialisation Classes: 

Like children, puppies are not naturally endowed with the social skills required to cohabit with their human and canine family. They need to be taught certain things. How a puppy is reared in its first few weeks can impact and influence its behaviours later on in life. This is where the importance of socialising comes into play. If you choose to send your pup to one of these classes, make sure the owner dog walking insurance with public liability in place.

What Exactly is Puppy Socialisation?

This is a common term used by vets and pet owners. In simple words, puppy socialisation is a learning curve or process that helps a puppy in learning major life skills. Simply put, it helps teach your pet to be well-behaved around humans and other dogs. Also, socialisation helps prevent fearful or aggressive reactions in your pet when faced with new or unusual situations. It would help give your puppy the best start.

Why is it Necessary For Your Puppy?

Socialisation helps shape the adult life of your pet. It prepares them on how to deal with different situations that they may likely come across throughout their life. A well-socialised puppy would turn out comfortable, less aggressive, and more receptive to new experiences.

What Age Should you Start Puppy Socialisation Classes?

Many people believe it is best to socialise your little fur friend before they are fully vaccinated, while others believe otherwise. The truth is, after 12 weeks, puppies tend to get cautious about new or unusual experiences that they haven't encountered before. So, the best age for your little friend to begin their socialisation classes is 7 - 8 weeks old.

However, ensure your puppy gets at least a round of vaccines one week before they begin their socialisation classes. This is recommended by veterinarians.

What Happens if You do Not Socialise Your Dog?

Socialisation is very important for puppies as it helps prepare them for adult life. A puppy that is not socialized may grow up with serious behavioural issues, such as the following;

Fearfulness. A dog that was not socialised at an early stage would have generalised fearfulness. Such dogs easily get frightened by anything that they haven't seen or experienced before.

Aggression. Another behavioural problem that an unsocialised dog may have is aggression. They tend to react defensively when exposed to unfamiliar faces, places, things, or even other dogs. Simply put, they react aggressively due to fear.

Nervous around other people and dogs. They are usually uncomfortable around other people and even fellow dogs. For instance, they may start barking or retreat when a disabled person or a different breed of dog approaches. This is mainly because they weren't exposed to different kinds of people and dogs at an early age. They get nervous once they sight anything they perceive as different or unusual.

Puppy Socialisation Classes Near me

Puppy socialization can be done in different ways - at home, puppy playdates, or in classes. Amongst these options, puppy socialization classes are very effective and can help your puppy learn key skills that would be useful for the rest of their life. These classes also allow your pet to socialize with other puppies. All you need to do is find one in your proximity that can help instil these skills in your puppy.

Puppy Exercise

Exercise is important for puppies, particularly as they begin to play less, puppy walking great ways to keep your dog fit and trim.  For those with a hectic schedule, check out prices for local dog walker prices that live nearby.

Best Puppy Training Books UK

Puppy Training Aids

Whilst we endorse positive reinforcements, at times it is okay to use deterrents as long as it is a humane approach. One of our favourite products is a dog or puppy correction spry which makes a loudish hissing noise. Imitating warning signs in nature to dissuade your puppy from continuing unwanted behaviour.

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