The Importance of Including Children in Dog Care

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As dogs have been at the side of mankind for centuries, it is worthwhile to engage children in the age-old practice. With the right breed and general characteristics of a dog, it is a splendid idea to get children involved in handling and taking care of the animal. Having a routine of including such practices in a child’s chores will develop their tenacity to learn new things and most importantly gaining compassion for animals and generally all living things.

Dogs and Children

Children and dogs are paired extremely well. Dogs consider them a very important person to protect and children have found their best friend and live toy; always ready for playtime or an adventure.

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Similarly, to having a dog trained for a particular environment, it is also necessary to train a child on the process as well. Much time must be spent facilitating a bond between the two in order to achieve the required set of behaviors. It is not a bad idea to also include all the adults in the household in whatever training sessions deemed necessary, after all everyone has to be comfortable and confident in knowing how to handle an animal in the home. Dog walking  and dog grooming time are good opportunists to give your children some responsibility in handling your pet. 

It is valuable to note that attention must be made on the dynamics of the relationship with a canine and a child. Dogs see a family as a pack, and in a pack (in this case a family or household) each person plays a different role and the dog responds accordingly. A child will be seen as the most vulnerable in this pack; and as such dogs have been seen as the ultimate protector of this small pack member. The animal will endure as much as is possible in a trained environment as they will expect the child or children to be playful without intention to hurt. This is a useful tip for those with toddlers, a trained animal will be far less prone to be surprised by a child pulling on the hair, hitting, screaming, throwing things or whatever form of play a child may find entertaining.

Additionally, some children are naturally observant and curious, especially with an animal around. Taking care of an animal requires consistent observation to ensure the dog is generally healthy. Children do remarkably well in noticing things faster than adults at times. This can be attributed to how much time the child actually spends in direct contact with the dog, therefore the probabilities are higher that they will indeed spot abnormalities. The child that grows to love the animal will overtime understand the importance of such a task, as it keeps their best friend in the best health.

Dogs and children communicate differently when compared to adults. Parents and guardians must grow to understand that what a dog may tolerate from a child could be the opposite if it was done by an adult. Some breeds naturally understand this dynamic and will consider the child their responsibility to protect. Teach children why they are truly called man’s best friend.

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