Top 5 Dog Grooming Tools

Dog walker insurance shares the top 5 dog grooming tools one must know the categories that must be addressed. These are nails, teeth, and fur care. If you are reading this as a professional pet groomer take some time to consider the cost and advantages of taking our professional dog groomers insurance

Dog grooming is an important element in keeping your dog healthy an unkempt coat can hid many skin problems or even ticks.  Finding the best dog clippers can help save you on costly trips to the local pet groomer.  

What is the best grooming tool to use for the fur on my dogs body?

You must maintain the furs length while keeping it untangled and clean so the fur and the dog will be healthy and produce the best possible appearance.

For trimming the fur to the correct length for appearance and comfort of the animal, a high quality pair of clippers is needed.

Andis Excel 5-Speed Clippers

  • It has 5 different speeds so more control can be obtain by the groomer.
  • Has a cord so at no time will the speed be reduced due to diminishing power levels like battery operated clippers.
  • It has a maximum of 4500 strokes per minute so the fur is cut and not torn.

Caution: with all clippers the faster they cut the hotter the blades will be and the more noise and vibration they will produce. Make sure you turn the clippers on and let your dog get use to the noise before you begin sheering them.

Always have sharp blades in the clippers. Ceramic blades keep their edge the longest and remain cooler than metal alloy blades, but are the most expensive.

Stainless steel comb and brush

The use of high quality detanglers is essential for a healthy coat that will shine and look good.

  • Comb: will easily remove dried soil, mats, tangles, loose fur and help make the final appearance of the coat to shine.
  • Brush: The use of a slicker brush will help to easily remove the fur that has become disengaged from the dog’s epidermal layer. This should be used before the clippers so only the fur that is still attached to the dog can be shaped properly. This brush also breaks up mats and tangles easily.

How do I clean the fur of my dog?

A pH balanced shampoo is recommended. Since the pH of your dog’s skin is neutral or 7 pH a shampoo that is 6.5 to 7.5 ph is necessary. Human shampoo is below the pH of 6 that is considered acidic and will irritate your dog’s skin. One product that has had good reviews and may be worth checking out is Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo. 

Looking after a  dog’s coat should not be too difficult especially if you follow the advice based on the type of dog’s coat from hairless to long and double.

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