Top 5 Small Dog Breeds in the UK

Top 5 Small Dog Breeds in the UK

Cocker Spaniel


French Bulldog


Pug breed




Border Collie


The ‘Toy’ group, referring to the smaller breed of dogs, has become rather popular across the world. This classification generally includes dogs weighing in at 15 to 20lbs maximum. In the UK the top five popular small breeds are the Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Pug, Border Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer. These breeds were identified via breeding and purchasing patterns published in the UK by The Kennel Club and other such forums articles and discussions. All dogs, big and small need exercise and a dog walker can help ensure your pooch gets a regular exercise, do make sure the dog walker has dog walking insurance.  

These small breeds have become a rather convenient choice for those that have small spaces and would love to have a dog for a pet. Let us have a look at the general personality and other characteristics that make these special dogs. If you take your dog out on a regular basis, you might consider investing in a car dog ramp to make it easy to get your pet in and out of your car or van. Further, to keep your dog safe and in the one place, you could go that extra mile and buy a dog car seat.   

First in line comes the Cocker Spaniel; they have received the accolade of being pure beauty. They are a sight to see when properly groomed and are doted on by the owners. They aim to please their owners and are all round cheerful as long as they are in the company of adults and or children. Furthermore, they enjoy being playful, thus making a good addition to a household with children.

The second popular breed is the French Bulldog. They are considered to be a rather now sought-after breed. They are said to be a great choice for first time dog owners as they adapt to living spaces rather quickly, additionally, where training is concerned they excel and are fast in correcting mistakes. French Bulldogs have proven to be friendly and overall cooperative animals.

Thirdly, is the Pug breed. These animals are described as ultimate entertainers for their owners and boast a clown like face to add. They are energetic for their size and do well at showing off to those around them. It must be noted that they have to be monitored closely as improper nutrition may result in quick obesity for this breed.

Accessories for small dogs

All dog accessories come in 4 main sizes small, medium and large and extra large dog sizes.  You probably don't need a dog car ramp for your toy dog, but small dog car seats are available and will keep your dog secure in any car journey.   Whilst they need less exercise than larger breed you should still take them for regular walks. No excuse if it is raining, simply put on a good quality dog winter waterproof coat and the best retractable lead that you can afford.

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